Kris Rants: Golf should not be considered a sport


Just by reading the title of this article, I can tell that if golf players read this they wouldn’t agree with me at all, but if you’re educated like me, you’ll realize that golf is about as much of a sport as shuffle boarding. Let’s get into the reasons why golf is more of a hobby than a sport.

Now if we take a look at some of the most popular sports in the world like football, basketball, soccer, etc. we learn that all these sports require three things: skill, talent, and effort. You also need to be physically capable to play these sports well and to play them at all. Golf requires none of these things. There’s no skill or effort that can be put into golf; all you do is hit a ball in a hole. Take football for instance; you need size, speed, strength, endurance, stamina, and a bunch of other factors to play the sport. With golf, all you need is a metal pole and adequate aim. If we consider golf to be a sport, we’d be putting it in the same category as lacrosse and hockey, some of the most difficult sports I have ever played, and two really difficult sports that require skill and talent.
Also, you can even play golf while you have a serious injury. Name one other sport where if you injure yourself you can still play effectively. Another reason is that just because it’s a competition that you can rack up points in, doesn’t mean it’s a sport. If that would be the case, rock paper scissors would be a sport. Also, the age that you are doesn’t matter in golf, usually, if someone is playing an actual sport, once they get to a certain age they have to retire because they are no longer physically able, but with golf, you can be an 85-year-old man and still play like you’re 20. Another thing is that there is no golfer in existence that is an actual athlete. Please, I beg someone to name one golf player that’s an athlete. Yet another reason that golf is a hobby is that 90% of the entire activity is walking, the other ten percent in hitting the ball itself and trying to make it into the hole.
Another reason why it’s not a sport is that golfers do not have an effect on the other players’ scores. There is no way for other players to stop another golfer from making it into the hole. With football you tackle a player, with basketball you steal or block the ball, in soccer, there’s a goalie to block a shot, same with hockey, and in baseball, you get a player out by touching them with the baseball. I can name even more sports where you can stop another team from scoring but I’m not going to. Also, do you know how other sports have uniforms to signify what team you’re on? Well, golf doesn’t have special jerseys or teams. Unlike every single sport that I can think of on the top of my head.
Even with all of the reasons that I have given, if you still think that golf is somehow still a sport, we’ll listen to this; it was removed from the Olympics for over 100 years. The Olympics program didn’t consider it a sport, so they removed it and it stayed that way until 2009 when it was reinstated for the 2016 summer Olympics. I decided to interview a few LHS students on whether or not they think golf should be considered a sport:

Do you think golf should be considered a sport?
“Yes, I think golf is a sport. Maybe in comparison to other sports, it isn’t the most physically challenging, but golf should be considered a sport.”-Sofia Farashian 9th Grade
“Oh yeah, I mean it’s old people baseball on the ground. Plus it can be competitive.”-Dennis Young 11th Grade. Yeah, he actually said this.
“Yes, golf is 100% a sport. Golf might not be the most physically challenging, but still has a lot of components that make it a sport. Such as the amount of difficulty, it isn’t a sport that you can just be good at it takes practice. It is something that can also be physically exhorting. There’s a lot of walking and math and thought processes. Which are all components of a sport.”-Zoe Zagotti 11th Grade

Well, all of these people are wrong. Golf is the easiest thing I have ever played in my entire life, it’s also the most boring. It requires no talent or skill in the slightest, and it’s not physically challenging at all. Well, that’s all I have for now, until the next rant.

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