The Suez Canal is blocked….again

Kees Torn

Earlier this September, the Suez Canal, one of the world’s important trade route, was blocked once again. This was almost identical to the incident earlier this March when the Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal as you might remember the hilarious memes about the event and world wide media attention. However, unlike in March, it was stuck for 6 days and caused major shipping errors that cost around 12% of global trade estimated at 9 billion dollars a day.
The incident this September. The Ever Given ship was only stuck for a mere 15 minutes, but still held up some traffic that day. It only affected four other ships as opposed to the March incident where it held more than 50 ships. On average, 50 ships pass through the Suez Canal everyday. However, after the March 2021 blockage incident, there were debates of having an alternate route.
The ship eventually refloated without the help of any outside sources. Thankfully, this incident did not cause any major damage to the economy. Compared to the last blocking incident, this was much lighter on cost damage. The debate for opening up the Suez Canal still remains.
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