Basketball tryouts finish up


Ashley Kenney


The basketball head coaches have officially put together the 2021-2022 teams. The head coaches are Coach J. Cardy for the girls’ team and Coach Mayweather for the boys’ team.
“Measuring players ability to dribble, pass, and shoot will be so purposeful in deciding who is a part of the 2021-2022 teams,” Coach Mayweather said. After the five on five setting is when the coaches officially picked the people they wanted on their teams.
The tryouts mirrored a real practice, so anyone that was interested in playing got the feel of what everyday at practice would be like. The coaches say that mirroring practices helps the potential players adapt to the pace and learning environment that is at every practice. They don’t like to think of tryouts like actual tryouts; instead, they think of it as the first practice. The coaches, like every other year, hope to be very successful during the season. It is important to them that they play at a high level and achieve their goals. Hopefully, that goal resonates through the minds of the players as well.
Kori Joseph, a freshman who tried out, said that she hoped tryouts would go in her favor, “I’m focused on myself… and what I’m capable of doing. I am committed to showing the coaches that I’m a team player…and that my team is doing everything they need to be doing,” Kori said. Lucky for her, she made the freshman team, and she is going to make sure that she does everything possible to do well this season.
Someone else that tried out for the team, and made it on the JV team, was Emely Ho. Emely went into tryouts nervous, as was all the players, but she was still confident in herself because when she tried and made the team last year, she learned the ropes and was able to do what she needed to do this year to make the team again. Now that she has made the team, she feels accomplished and like she deserves to be on the team. This season, Emely is excited for all the things she gets to do with her team, “The bonds with my teammates, and the connection I get to have with my coaches,” she says.
Senior, Conner Marcantel has tried out for basketball all four years and has made it each time. So going into tryouts this year he knew what to expect and was not nervous at all. He felt more confident and felt ready to take on his final year playing for Lanier High School. “I feel like a leader because I am a senior,” he said. Conner is looking forward to playing at the games and hopefully winning a lot of them.
The coaches are ready to train the new players and accept the challenges that they will face this season.

The freshman girls team includes:
• Carly Smith
• Addi Enge
• Veno Crown
• Sanaya Sinojia
• Ammorie Jamison
• Ansley Island
• Dare Falade
• Maddy Millsap

The girls JV team includes:
• Dare Falade
• Vanessa Parent
• Frida Ramirez
• Fia Berger
• Jia Thapar
• Vivian Nguyen
• Amani Salters
• Oreilly Gilles

The girls varsity team includes:
• Harmony Williams
• Lyric Williams
• Gamyzhae Williams
• Karina Lopez
• Syanna (Cece) Bailey
• Kaleah Vest
• Ajanae Jones
• Riley Brian

The boys on the freshman team include:
• Loxavion White
• Ivis McNeal
• Bruce Hart
• Stacy Frison
• King Lynch
• Mikey Cockerham
• Manny Kohli
• Brandon Lanier
• Ethan Miller
• Tristan Hunter
• Jonathon Compozano
• TJ Peyton
• Kevin Garcia-Cruz
• Logan Wright
• Ethan Montenegro
• Cody Murphy

The JV boys team includes:
• Jr Styles
• Malachi Choba
• Jaydon Gueh
• Tre Rehak
• Kemet Crawford
• James Simms
• Amari Morgan
• Emmanuel Akinleye
• Jameon Marshall
• Colby Valiquett
• Adrian Rivera
• Will Hooks
• Wayshon Long

The varsity boys team includes:
• Nicholas Serrano
• Tahai Morgan
• Cameron Thornton
• Jayce Nathaniel
• Blaine Bell
• Matthew Moore
• CJ Hyland
• Josh Canlas
• Justin Birch
• Favio Cadet
• Sean David
• Jaden Vasquez
• Amari Chatman
• Amari Morgan
• Adam Ault
• Will Hooks

Good luck to each team and have a great season!