Squid Game gets sued


Tyler Pisapia


Squid Game is a Netflix original series that is about a man named Seong Gi-Hun who goes through financial loss, and is in desperate need of cash. He participates in the Squid Games not knowing what the fate will be. The Squid Game are a sequence of children’s games where if you win, you move to the next game, and have a chance to win prize money. But it is also a fight for survival, and if you lose a game you are eliminated (you die). The gore, sadness, and entertainment that this show gives the public is outstanding. This has brought South Korea pride, and it is amazing how far this show has come. A second season has been announced but the release date is unknown.
Here is a review by rotten tomatoes about Squid Game Netflix original series that explains the audience point of view of the show: Squid Game’s unflinching brutality is not for the faint of heart, but sharp social commentary and a surprisingly tender core will keep viewers glued to the screen – even if it’s while watching between their fingers.
With everything that gains success, there is a competitor. The South Korean internet provider, SK Broadband, has issued a lawsuit against Netflix. According to a report from Reuters, they are seeking “to pay for the cost from increased network traffic and maintenance work because of a serge of views.”
According to SK Broadband, Netflix this past September has had more views and downloads 24 times higher than in May of 2018. Netflix subscription revenue has now reached $5.14 million, compared to $3.16 million a year earlier, however, this success by a foregn entity has not been looked upon in a good way by Korean businesses. SK Broadband wants the money back to cover the cost of increased traffic maintenance after a siege in traffic. In simplified words, they are suing Netflix for Squid Game’s extreme success in South Korea. Netflix co-CEO, Ted Sandros, recently suggested that Squid Game could become the company’s most successful non-English language show of all time. In my personal opinion, the reason for this lawsuit is not reasonable and it should not be processed.
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