What does LHS want from Santa?




As Christmas time approaches quickly we not only see an increase in holiday spirit and cold weather, but also a major increase in shopping on all platforms. This time of year is very important for most brands and companies because it is when parents, grandparents, significant others, and so many more go on the frantic hunt for Christmas gifts. Some have detailed wish lists to refer to, while others are shopping solely based on what they know about a person. This Christmas is our first festive season since Covid-19, and the Lanier community is taking it very serious. From the decorations and lights consuming “The Bowl” to the deals at every store front, Christmas is here. Here is a sneak peak into what the teachers and students of Lanier High School are hoping to find under the tree this year:
I surveyed several students throughout the building, asking them what their Christmas list consisted of and what item they wanted the most. I got a variety of responses, the most unique coming from sophomore Kirsten Vanden Bos, who said, “I’m really hoping my mom will give in and get me a puppy this year.” Livi Blackford is also hoping to get a pet, but a kitten rather than a puppy.
Some students’ Christmas lists were topped with more expensive items. Harry Faal responded with, “This year the only thing on my Christmas list is a car. I will drive soon and I don’t want to get stuck sharing a car with my mom.” Another expensive item that people frequently said they wanted to receive as a gift this year was a new phone and a camera.
Apart from the fun gifts, many students kept their requests fairly basic by asking for new clothes, sports equipment, money, and especially shoes such as Nike Blazers and Nike Dunks.
After asking students, I proceeded to ask teachers what they wanted for Christmas. From the adult perspective, their Christmas lists were much shorter and more practical except for one, Mrs. LeMaster. She said, “Honestly for Christmas I want a lot of things. One being a raise, and the second being a date with Taylor Swift.”
Aside from teachers saying they wanted cornhole boards, family vacations, and jewelry, Mrs. Dolcimascolo also had a unique response. “I usually make a Christmas list every year, but I am tired of making decisions so I want to be surprised. Being surprised keeps things interesting and makes the holidays like a game for me because I usually always figure the surprise out before it actually happens.”
Christmas is just a few weeks away and the Lanier community has high expectations for the turnout of this year’s holiday season. The students and teachers throughout the building have very detailed Christmas lists and are excited to see if Santa will put their desires under the tree. In addition to the families who are prepared for Christmas, others are experiencing hardships this holiday season and aren’t sure how they are going to populate the skirt of the tree. With this being said, Student Council is purchasing gifts for the Santa Program at Sugar Hill Church. If you are able to, try and give back to the less fortunate families throughout our community by either contributing to Student Councils efforts or directly supplying the church with gifts!