Should we be double-masking?

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, we have been required to wear masks wherever we are going, no matter the location. Masks have been used as a way to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but some people have taken it to a whole other level and have been double masking to decrease the spread of the Coronavirus even more. Double masking is just how it sounds, layering one mask on top of another, essentially doubling the amount of protection that they give. Although double masking can sound unnecessary to many people, the benefits that it can bring really matter.
One of the benefits that double masking can provide is that it gives people a better fit on the face when it comes to wearing masks. Not every mask will be able to fit a person’s facial structure right due to almost all masks being the same size; some people’s masks might feel too big, and some people’s masks might feel too small. Double masking can make masks fit closer to your skin and make a better seal for the face. A second benefit of double masking is the filtration that it gives. The Coronavirus is mostly spread through talking, coughing, and sleeping. The material that masks contain have filters that catch the respiratory droplets that contain the Coronavirus before you can inhale them. This helps improve the protection from Covid-19 by doubling the layer of the material inside masks that catch the respiratory droplets that have properties of the Coronavirus. Double masking is beneficial when it comes to protecting us, but whether that benefits overall with the Covid-19 virus is also a very important part to acknowledge.
When it comes to double masking and how it has helped overall with Covid-19 rates, it is proven that double masking has made the exposure rates of the Coronavirus cut down by 95%. In the article, “CDC: Proper Double-Masking Raises COVID Protection,” they have stated that, “Wearing a tight fitted mask, or doubling up on masks, can significantly reduce Covid-19 transmission and slow down the spread of new, more contagious strains.” Masks in general have been used as a way to help decrease the rates of Covid-19, and double masking has made the process more efficient. A CDC study also showed that masks have lowered the rate of hospitalization due to Covid by 5.5%. With the mask mandate being limited to just wearing one mask, the impact double masking would have if it was mandatory would make Covid rates and hospitalization rate decrease tremendously.
In summary, we can say that double masking can have a big impact on the Coronavirus in general while also benefiting the people that use masks. Double masking has personal benefits to people that want better protection from the Coronavirus by giving them a better fit, as well as giving the world global benefits with the rates of hospitalization going down. The impact that double masking would have on Covid rates in general if it was mandatory will heavily change the course of the pandemic for the better.
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