Spanish Volcano has been erupting for months

Jonathan Rodriguez

A very small Spanish volcanic island is currently erupting. La Palma is located off the coast of the African country of Morocco, and there is no sign of stopping the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano ever since the eruption started on September 19th of this year. The island has to deal with earthquakes, lava flows, toxic gasses, acid rain, and the aquatic life being covered in ash as other effects of the eruption.

Over 1,000 buildings have been destroyed since the start of the eruption. More than 6,000 people have been evacuated, yet many choose to stay because of high spirits despite the entire town of Todoque being destroyed due to the massive lava flow. The Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, has pledged 206 million euros (238 million USD) and his administration to buy 300 homes for the displaced people of La Palma. As of writing this article, there are no deaths or serious injuries that have been reported.

European tourists fill and clog the streets of La Palma to see the volcano first hand, even though on some days it is required to wear goggles, head protection, and even gas masks due to the ash. Ironically, this may seem like this would help business, but unfortunately small restaurants and hotels are losing money thanks to the volcano. Usually tourists stay in hotels for a week to see the entire island, but now they are only staying for three days to see the volcano. Businesses are now fearing that they might go bankrupt, which will directly affect the island economy and the island’s future.

The volcano is dangerous but can’t do much more harm than it already has. It destroyed an entire town and destroyed the island economy. Fortunately, no one has died, but many are heart broken.

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