Facebook is changing their name


Andrew Griffin


Over the last ten years, Facebook quickly became a household name, with wildly successful and expansive social media sites. Facebook’s CEO has recently indicated that his new vision for the company no longer includes social media. While the company will maintain control of its social sites, this is no longer their main focus. As this transition takes place, Mark Zuckerburg believes that a name change is necessary. To avoid confusion and get rid of negative connotations, Facebook is transitioning to Meta.
Meta has claimed to be creating a fully digital world where users can fully interact with objects and other users. This proposed idea is highly reminiscent of the 2018 film Ready Player One. This film showed a dystopian future where the whole world is forced to turn to an online form of life after the world is ruined by overpopulation and pollution.
Meta has started to mass-produce virtual reality goggles, which they claim will be as commonplace as smartphones in the coming years. We have never seen an idea like this in the past, and the possible effects are limitless. People’s opinions on this vary wildly as some believe this is an incredible and exciting opportunity, while others are very cautious about transitioning to a fully digital world.
Mrs. Leeman, a teacher at Lanier High School believes that the metaverse opens up a world of possibilities for human growth.
“It will allow for a lot more cultural diffusion… it will allow for many more people to become bilingual and for people to experience things that they wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise.”
Matthew, a student at Lanier High School has expressed an opposite opinion.
“I think the idea of a digital world is scary, it is something we’ve never seen before and a fully virtual environment is a big transition from life today. I think this has something to do with the lizardmen taking control”
Facebook fully closed its offices to remodel and implement new technology, allowing for a smooth transition. Workers are set to return in January, where the company will begin production on virtual reality platforms, bodysuits, sensory gloves, shoes, and headsets. The company aims to create a fully immersive metaverse comparable to real life. The future is approaching faster than most could imagine, and a digital world being introduced is just the beginning.
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