Where are all of the toys?


Allie Hogan


It’s almost that time of the year again: the winter holidays, where we all get together with friends and family and give each other gifts, but unfortunately, it seems like there is a toy shortage. But why?

It’s not because companies can’t make any toys, or they are making less of them; it’s because they can’t ship them out anywhere. Most toys are made overseas, and approximately 70% of toys come from China alone, so they ship the toys by cargo ships to the US and the rest of the world, but alas, thanks to COVID, there aren’t enough dock workers, so it slows down how much cargo they can unload. Not only this, but due to truckers leaving for better jobs, demanding better pay, and retiring, there is a trucker shortage. So this, again, slows down how many toys and other goods can be shipped off to stores.

This sounds really unfavorable, but fortunately, this shouldn’t impact the holidays too much. “We believe toy makers have taken contingency measures to account for prolonged transit times, pushing some peak production timelines forward and securing more ports and transit lanes,” a UBS report stated, “And we believe top retailers have also taken measures to keep shelves restocked into November and December.” Retail stores, such as Target and Walmart, have been preparing for the shortage for the past year. It should only affect those who are ordering online for toys and other items. Don’t worry too much, and hopefully, everything will go back to normal next year.

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