Marvel vs DC

Kofi Outlaw

Both Marvel and DC have incredible writers who easily get us involved and invested in the lives of different characters, such as Iron Man and Batman. My favorite one would be Iron Man because he has an IQ of 270 and is able to create different armor suits for himself. He also formed The Avengers to protect the planet from different threats. But both of these characters are similar in terms of writing, both of them are rich, and their parents were killed. Despite their similar backstories, Batman became a vigilante with 127 fighting styles.

They both relate in the sense that Batman saw his parents being killed by someone leaving the theater, and he decided to take out his rage as Batman and continue his life as Bruce Wayne, whereas Iron Man, after his parents were killed, took over Stark Industries and helped the government by making technology for them.

Between Marvel and DC, they are pretty much the same in the sense that they both have a group of heroes, such as The Avengers in Marvel and The Justice League in DC, which both have movies for each respective group.

Marvel has one of the best superheroes named Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, who is a teenager that was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained the sense of a spider, strength, ability to climb buildings, and the ability to shoot spider webs. DC, on the other hand, has one of the best heroes for the franchise named The Flash, aka Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, the creator of the speed force, and the man who can travel through time by running.

Between the two, there can’t be a debate between either one because both of them are completely different in the sense of the threats that each hero fights, for example, The Avengers fighting Thanos or Galactus does not compare to DC threats, such as Bane or Darkseid.

“Currently, Marvel seems to be more cohesive with their storytelling in both their comics and movies. They also have a greater variety in their regular cast of heroes” was the opinion of one of my classmates, Logan Kersey.

“I am starting to like Marvel above DC because they [DC]are starting to make movies repeatedly, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. They aren’t really doing anything special like Marvel is like Hawkeye or Loki,” said Jonathan Thompson.

I think both students have a valid point because DC has always been using the same characters over and over, but Marvel has expanded all the way to the multiverse. Both Marvel and DC are great, but it depends from person-to-person which one they would prefer to watch.