The truth behind Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier


Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is one of Georgia’s most popular and well known lakes, it has a very interesting history. If you have ever been to lake Lanier, or even read something about it, then you would know that there is some sketchy stuff that happens there that is sometimes unexplainable.
Lake Lanier is a man-made lake and was created in 1956. It was built over a town called Oscarville that contains many cemeteries. The thing that people don’t talk about with the lake is that it was home to about 1,100 African American who were freed after fighting in the American Civil war. According to Bilal G. Morris from The Haunting Of Lake Lanier And The Black City Buried Underneath, “A group of white terrorists whom were known as the “Night Riders” would make it their mission to run every {African American} they came across out of town. Oscarville would end up being one of their main targets, and over the short period of just a few years, 98% of its black residents would end up either leaving their homes or being murdered for refusal to move.”
According to Katie Mather in the article “Georgia’s Lake Lanier is 100% Haunted”, “In order to flood the area to make the lake, the U.S. government displaced over 700 families and had to relocate 20 cemeteries — including the bodies.” They weren’t able to relocate every single gravesite, leaving many bodies submerged under the lake. Because of this, the lake is rumored to be haunted.
There have been many instances where weird, unexplainable things would happen, like mysterious drownings, or missing person cases. According to CNN “Legend has it the ghost of a long-dead woman roams this lake in a flowing blue dress. Mysterious arms reach out for swimmers from the watery depths. Angry spirits call people home to submerged graves.” One of the most popular ghost stories involves a car accident. According to the story “A Georgia Lake’s dark and deadly history has some people seeing ghosts”, “According to the story, a Ford sedan carrying two women careened off a bridge in April 1958 and tumbled into the lake. Some say the ghost of one of the women, dubbed the “Lady of the Lake,” wanders the bridge at night in a blue dress, lost and restless.” There have been many sightings of the “Lady of the Lake”. However, the history of Lake Lanier doesn’t stop about 10 million people visiting annually.
The rich history of Lake Lanier is practically impossible to fit into one story. There are so many tragedies and stories about the lake. If you ask someone who lives in the area of Lake Lanier, they might not know the full, true story.

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