Are aliens real?


Steve Neill

Aliens (Wikimedia Commons)

Although there has been heavy debate over the years on whether or not aliens exist, recent evidence is pointing to the fact that aliens do exist. NASA has discovered that more than 5,000 planets could be able to sustain life, which means that aliens could be out there somewhere.
There have been many historical artifacts found that have led us to believe that aliens exist. Ancient cave paintings and Sanskrit scrolls have been found that show alien life forms. To add to this, the drawings in these paintings and scrolls show alien aircraft identical to the way that people who claim to have seen UFOs describe them. One specific example is a piece of art made in the 15th century: The Madonna with Saint Giovannino (the UFO painting) showed a man and his dog in the background staring up into the sky at what is believed to be a UFO. In this drawing, the UFO looks to be a disk-like object, which is the common modern description of them. If historic drawings of UFOs made in the 1400s are the same as what modern people today describe them as, then it isn’t just a coincidence… aliens do exist.
Another reason that leads me to believe alien life exists is that planets and stars have been found that could support alien life. One planet that is located 1,400 light-years from Earth known as Kepler 452b has been found by the Kepler telescope. According to the article, “Aliens Among Us,” “This planet is not too hot or too cold for liquid water to form and orbits a sun almost the same size as ours.” This planet shares many of the same characteristics as Earth that could support alien life. Also, there has been a recent discovery of light on a distant star. The light pattern of this star is very unusual and seems to have matter circling it. The light from this star dims from 15 to 22 percent at irregular intervals. This mysterious dimming has led many scientists, such as astronomer Jason Wright at Penn State University, to believe this could be a sign of an extraterrestrial civilization. Based on the information found about Keppler 452b and the mysterious star, alien life could be living on them, and there are still lots of planets and stars that we have not explored yet that could have alien life existing on them.
Although many may say that aliens don’t exist because if aliens are flying around, then the heavens would be noisy, this is not true because sound waves cannot be transferred through space. So, aliens could be out there, and we just can’t hear them because sound cannot travel through space.
Lastly, aliens do exist because there have been numerous eyewitness accounts. For example, The Stephenville Lights Case in 2008. Over 200 witnesses spotted a UFO, three of these people being policemen. To add to this, astronauts, such as Edgar Mitchell, Cady Coleman, and Dr. Brian O’Leary, have claimed to have seen aliens. One specific example is Buzz Aldrin who claims to have seen something flying alongside Apollo 11. He thought that maybe it could have been the final stage of the detached rocket, but mission control has confirmed that the rocket detached 6,000 miles before that. There have been many other accounts of people who claimed to have seen aliens. If this many people, including policemen and astronauts, are saying that they saw UFOs, then they did really see these things, and it’s likely that alien life does exist.
Overall, the historical artifacts that have been found, planets and stars that have been discovered that could support life, and numerous UFO sightings prove that aliens do exist in this modern age. If we have all this information that points to the fact that aliens do exist, and there is so much that we haven’t been able to explore yet… who is there to say that aliens don’t exist?
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