Lanier’s new GSLT line up

GSLT (Gwinnett Student Leadership Team) is one of the most honorable positions that you can get at Lanier High School. They go to leadership conferences filled with other GSLT members in Gwinnett and represent our school in improving Lanier’s leadership skills. The class of 2024’s distinguished three are Logan Wilson, Sydney Hunter, and Denise Barahona. They are the best of best, and so exclusive it’s only given out to three people per grade.
They go through an extensive process that includes rounds of interviews, presentations, and evaluations. It starts with a baseline group of around 50 people selected based on their grades and their school reputation (if they are a good leader). When I asked Sydney about the interview process she said, “I was very nervous because I was going up against the best leaders of the school. I started to question if I was good enough to even be a part of the process. But as I kept getting to go to the next round, I felt that I deserved it just as much as anyone else. I was excited and nervous about the process all at the same time.” GSLT is not only great for college resumes, but just a great way to gain leadership skills. They go to conferences with members of GSLT from all different schools, and they work together to make better leaders.
The three found out on the 27th of November and they were all really excited. “It still hasn’t hit me that I’m a part of GSLT. But, I’m so excited to be a part of the team and learn how to be the best leader I possibly can be” Sydney said. They will represent our school well, and teachers are excited to see what they do with their new leadership positions. “What I’m looking forward to the most in GSLT is the impact I will have on everyone. I feel as if everyone I touch there’s always a positive impact that occurs. I’m also looking forward to being able to be a good representative for Lanier in the community to help the school be viewed in a very positive way,” Logan said.