Is Russia going to invade Ukraine?


A worrying buildup of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border has the U.S., Europe, and pretty much everyone else terrified and left asking if Russia is about to invade Ukraine again. The US and its allies, including Ukraine, are trying to stall the possibility of an all out war and most likely a WW3 type scenario. Most recently in a two-hour video call Tuesday between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two leaders of the two major superpowers discussed the already escalating tensions of Russia’s military buildup on the border of its neighbor Ukraine. President Biden clearly stated to Putin that if Russia’s intentions of this buildup is to invade Ukraine Russia will have major sanctions to face that will decimate Russia’s economy.

The sanctions that the U.S. imposed on Russia in 2014 after Russia annexed Crimea, a small peninsula and a territory of Ukraine in the south already had devastating consequences to Russia’s economy. Russia’s GDP since the sanctions it faced in 2014 has been declining by 1% annually. President Putin forwardly stated that his intentions were aimed at defense and deterring western military buildup in Europe by the U.S. and its allies. He further went on to say that if Ukraine was granted EU membership he will see it as a western threat and likely invade in a situation in which western powers provided military arms and equipment to Ukraine. The U.S. and Europe are faced with the possibility of further escalation or an all out world war like we’ve never seen before. Germany, a major EU member, has a likely opportunity to persuade Russia from further aggression towards Ukraine and its western allies because of its gas pipeline deal with Russia, the Nordstream2 pipeline.
This major deal might be the only way Russia can recover from the years of economic instability due to their already harsh sanctions from the U.S. Germany could use this once in a lifetime deal with Russia as a way to leverage a peaceful agreement and to ease tensions between the two sides. Ultimately an all out war seems really likely as U.S. intelligence points out. Undercover informants in Russia say that Putin will be ready to invade Ukraine in late January or early February of 2022. For right now tensions are growing with each passing day. It will take a diplomatic step from both sides to come to a peaceful conclusion. The question is who will take that first step towards peace?

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