Lanier’s favorite Spiderman is…

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland are three of the most incredible actors in all of Marvel Studios. All three men play the same role as Spider-Man, however, they are different in their own ways in each of their separate movies.

Tobey Maguire was the first actor to ever play the infamous role of Spider-Man. His first movie came out in theaters in 2002, and following that, he created two more with his talented acting skills. Several years later, Andrew Garfield took on the role of Spider-Man in the movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. His first movie was created in 2012, and though he only made two movies, he knew exactly how to play his part in exceptional ways. Lastly, in recent times, Tom Holland was the third man to take part in the role of Spider-Man. He has been in three of the movies, starting in 2017 and continues to create even more for his loyal audience.

After asking a few students at Lanier on their thoughts about this topic, I heard a lot of mixed answers, such as this one from Gibson Rietig who says, “I think Andrew Garfield was the best, because he seemed the most real, although Tom is a close second.”

On the other hand, Samuel Lee says, “Tobey Maguire because he’s the OG, and no one can make a better one than him.”

According to a poll the journalism class created, out of 15 participants, Andrew Garfield got the most votes for being the best Spider-Man. However Tom Holland was a close second and Tobey Maguire stayed far behind. It seems that more people prefer the younger, more playful actors rather than the more aged and original ones. From all sides, it shows that not one actor is truly better than the other. They are all outstanding actors, and all three bring out Spider-Man in their own ways.

Though everyone has their own thoughts on which actor portrayed Spider-Man the best, I believe Tom Holland was the best overall actor out of all three men and here’s why: He brought the talent, comedy, and all the perfect attributes to fit the role of Spider-Man and Peter Parker. His age made his part even more real and played his role almost better than expected from the audience. Although Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield played their roles just as perfectly, they brought different aspects to the character itself.