Student’s super bowl predictions

The NFL is heading into the playoffs after finishing up week 18 of the 2021 regular season. For some teams, week 18 was just a way to improve their records, but for others it was their way to secure a spot in the playoffs. The NFL playoffs is a 14-team bracket. The first week of playoffs began on Saturday, January 15th. To begin the playoffs, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC) are represented by seven teams each. Only six teams played in the first week because the team with the number one seed in each division got a bye week.

I first interviewed Gibson, a Junior at Lanier, about his predictions of the 2022 Super Bowl who said, “I think the Cincinnati Bengals will make the superbowl because of the high power offense they have and the play of Joe Burrow.” Then, I asked who he thought would make it to the Super Bowl from the NFC, and Gibson’s response was, “I think Green Bay will make it. I think Aaron Rodgers will reconnect with Davante Adams.” However he also said, “I think the Green Bay Packers will end up winning the Super Bowl because of the great connection and everything.”

Then, I interviewed Senior Dominique Daniels about his thoughts on the 2022 Super Bowl. He told me he thought that, “This year Tampa Bay and the Chiefs” would make it. I then asked who he thought would win the Super Bowl between Tampa Bay and the Chiefs. “The Buccaneers win because Tom Brady is the goat,” Daniels said.

Lastly, I went to Mr. Jones on his thoughts of the 2022 Super Bowl and winner predictions. He told me, “The Bills and the Packers.” I then followed up and asked what those two teams had that would allow them to make it to the Super Bowl. He was frank with his response, “I think they both have strong offenses and good defenses.” Lastly, I asked who he thought would win and why. He answered, “The Packers, even though the Bills are my favorite team, I think the Packers’ offense is unstoppable, and the Bills always choke and let me down.”

Most people believe that the Green Bay Packers are going to win the Super Bowl this year as a result of the dynamic duo: Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. I believe the Packers are gonna win the NFC championship, but I think the Packers will lose in the Super Bowl to the Bills.