Kris Rants: live action movies are awful!


Animated movies, we’ve all seen them, and typically we all love them. Some of our fondest childhood memories and nostalgia root from the animated movies that we used to watch. Imagine you are ten years old and you’re sitting in your living room flipping through the channels, looking for something to watch. Then you flip to a channel that is in the middle of playing The Lion King. Obviously, you’re going to watch the movie because it’s a great movie and there’s nothing else to watch. Now you’re a teenager, almost an adult, and for some reason, these movie studios decide to make the brainless decision to remake these classic movies into live-action. To make matters worse, they take all the greatness of the original and absolutely destroy them. They tarnish the legacy of these amazing movies, by taking all the flair and passion from them and making a lazy attempt at a remake to these movies. Most of them are just a way to make a quick buck and it sickens me to my core. So with this article, I will tell you all the reasons why most, if not all live-action adaptations are god awful and they shouldn’t be made. Welcome back to Kris Rants.

Now, this article will mostly be targeted at the Disney remakes but this all applies to live-action movies of anime too; because if you watch anime, then you know that the live-action adaptations of anime are disgusting. I hope whoever makes them stubs their pinky toe on the edge of their bed. The first of many reasons why live-action adaptations are awful is because they are incredibly unnecessary. I want to know who at Hollywood is sitting around saying:
Man 1- “Hey guys you know Mulan right?”
Man 2- “Yes, it’s a classic Disney movie and one of the best projects Disney ever made. It’s a true classic, me and my kids love that movie.”
Man 1- “Yeah how about we completely tarnish its legacy.”
Man 2- “Wait what?”
Man 1- “Yeah, ok first we’re going to make it live-action so it doesn’t have the same flair as the original movie.”
Man 2- “This sounds like a terr-”
Man 1- “Also, the movie story will be the same, but completely different at the same time.”
Man 2- “How?”
Man 1- “Well there’s going to be a war, and Mulan pretends to be a boy, but the antagonist isn’t Shan Yu, instead it’s some other random Rouran guy and some witch lady with a confusing name.”
Man 2- “I don’t even know what to say at this point.”
Man 1- “Oh and also Mulan already knows how to fight and she’s known since she was a child despite having zero training.”
Man 2- “This plot has more holes than swiss cheese.”
Man 1- “We haven’t even gotten to the biggest difference…Mushu isn’t there.”
Man 2- “WAIT WHAT!?”
Man 1- “Yeah instead there’s some random phoenix thing that isn’t important to the plot.”
Man 2- “I’m sorry, you mean to tell me, that you’re not going to have one of the most beloved animal sidekicks in Disney history in this movie!?”
Man 1- “Well it would be racist towards the culture.”
Man 2- “Ok ok, that’s fair…but this project still sounds absolutely braindead. This plot is garbage, the characters are lazily put together, and the antagonist is horrendous. I refuse to be a part of this, I quit.”
You can’t convince me that isn’t how they decide to make these movies. I mean seriously, who asked for these movies to be made? Nobody wants them to exist, and the Lord knows we don’t need them to exist. It takes all my strength for me to get through these movies and even then sometimes it’s not enough because I just can’t get over how much they mess up the original stories.
The next reason why these movies are bad is that, throughout every live-action movie adaptation, they all consistently have terrible CGI.

CGI that is either rushed or not done by the proper people doesn’t make sense since they can either delay the movie for more time or hire people better suited for the job. My question is, how come a company like Disney, which makes up to 67 billion dollars per year, has bad CGI? Are they not paying their workers enough? How do they not have a bigger budget? I have so many questions on how any of the effects for these movies look so deficient. It doesn’t make any sense.

I decided to interview three people on their thoughts about live-action remakes. I interviewed Skyler Gaines, Saxton Macinsky, and our editor-in-chief, Mrs. LeMaster.
“What is your opinion about live-action movie adaptations?”
“I mean, some of them are good, but when they start to deviate from the original story, it becomes more of a burden to watch. Most live-action movies feel like a chore to watch.”-Skyler Gaines, 9th grade.
“They suck and they shouldn’t exist. Whoever makes them is wasting their money and time on actual garbage.”-Saxton Macinsky, 11th Grade.
“Live-action movies, I think it’s cool. I really liked Beauty and the Beast, but they didn’t even try to hide her auto-tune.”-Mrs. LeMaster, LHS ELA teacher.
The biggest problem I have with these live-action remakes is that they make unnecessary changes that don’t need to happen. They remove a character, change the antagonist, or the motivations for the antagonist; they just change something about the original plot that makes no sense. Like take the live-action Mulan for example, they changed the main villain and removed Mushu from the movie. What was the point of that? There are many mistakes made with these live-action remakes. In Christopher Robin, they changed the designs of the characters. In Alice Through the Looking Glass, it’s when those actors signed on to be in that movie. Most of the time when they are making these movies they decide they want things to be very different from the original, but they make it too different. Take the live-action Jungle Book, for example, they keep the same characters and conflict while making the movie have a darker tone. It’s the reason why it’s regarded as the best Disney live-action remake of all time. These live-action movies need to do what The Jungle Book did. They need to maintain the important aspects of the original without changing anything major, but still, make sure it’s different from the original. If they do that with all their live-action projects, they can make good live-action adaptations. Though unfortunately, they don’t and thus their live-action projects suck.

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