DECA is going to Internationals!

Lanier Deca

Lanier’s very own DECA club has made it to internationals! DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a marketing club that focuses on four career clusters, including marketing, business management and administration, finance, and hospitality and tourism. All members are required to take tests in their category as part of the competition. At competitions, depending on the type of management, students have to “role play” their problem-solving skills. Afterwards, they are given a scenario regarding their “business” and have to pitch their plan to a judge.
At a recent competition, nine of our very own DECA members qualified for state, four of which made it to internationals. Lana Torres and Elodi Martinez did a partner category, in sports and entertainment marketing, and placed fifth at state! Lana Torres said, “We had a lot of ideas, and since we’ve known each other for so long, it was easy to bounce ideas off of each other and create good business ideas we could present. I feel like our personal relationship made it a lot easier when it came to the business side of the presentation.”

Kailey Finley, a member of DECA whose specialty is in quick-service restaurant management, placed first at regionals! Garrett Lad explained, “We went over a lot of interesting things, including target marketing and how to become a successful entrepreneur.” Savannah Ritter, who placed seventh at regionals, was really passionate to say, “It excites me because it’s something I’m interested in [for] the future.”

Lanier High School hosts an annual interest meeting, in September, for students who are interested in DECA. DECA is a great way to expand your business knowledge while having fun! Coach Deppe gave his input to uprising DECA members, “Deca gives students an opportunity to meet other people, it gives them an opportunity to earn scholarships, it gives them an opportunity just to compete. If they are in a marketing class or not in a marketing class, it’s good to get out there and put yourself in front of other people and see how well you can handle situations that are thrown at you.” If you want to broaden your intellectual horizons, DECA is the place to go!