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Mike Howard

Suwanee Town Center Park

Suwanee Town Center, located at 350 Town Center Ave, in Suwanee, Georgia and is known for being an economic, social, and cultural hub for all different types of people. When you first arrive you see a half-circle of shops and restaurants, a large amphitheater, and a huge grassy field usually filled with kids playing soccer or frisbee. The purpose of Suwanee Town Center is to keep open space and have more attractions for people to see and use. Their goal has been to make a community gathering center for all types of people that live in Suwanee. Many different types of events and places are held at this town center due to its high reputation. The places that are near Suwanee Town Center have given the place the reputation of being good for family and friends. Here’s a list of the top five most popular places closest to Suwanee Town Center:
Medieval Times is a dinner theater that recreates the medieval era of the 11th-century royalty tournaments with horses and swords. This theater gives its guests the royalty experience as they watch the performances. This popular theater is located 5.3 miles away from the Suwanee Town Center. It has almost 600 ratings with a 4.5 average and is listed as number one in theater and concerts in Lawrenceville.
Big Splash Interactive Fountain is an area 0.1 miles away from the town center. It is a fountain that erupts water from the floor. It has different rhythms and is known for being very interactive, especially with kids. This fountain has over 33 reviews on TripAdvisor, and all the reviews seen are very positive from parents and have called the fountain “Great Fun For Kids.”
The third-place listed is the Three Keys Escape Game. This place near the town center, with a distance of 1.1 miles away from the town center, is an escape room challenge. This place is multiplayer where you can go with family and friends, and you have one hour to escape the room. This place has five out of five reviews with 120 reviews in total on TripAdvisor as well as being listed number one on the list of fun and games in Suwanee.
The fourth place is Everett’s, Music Barn. This barn is a place where you can relax and listen to nice bluegrass music. It has been up and running for over 55 years but is closed for the time being due to Covid. You can walk around the barn while the music’s playing and they have people come and perform at the barn. This barn is located 0.6 miles away from the town center. It has a rating of five out of five stars with 18 reviews and is listed as number five of things to do in Suwanee on TripAdvisor.
The fifth place is Paranoia Quest Escape Room. This Escape Room is very similar to Three Keys but has a little twist to it. In this escape room, you have to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape. Paranoia Quest has a rating of five out of five and is listed as number one in fun and games in Buford. Paranoia Quest Escape Room is located 4.6 miles away from the town center.
While Suwanee Town Center is known for the places that they have there, they also have various events that are held at the town center. The events that happen at the town center are run by different things within Suwanee. Here’s a list of five events that are going to be held at Suwanee Town Center within the next few months:
1. 02/12/22: Suwanee Sweetheart Sprint – This event is a 5k and fun run. It is available for all ages and even pets! You have a chance to win an award as well.
2. 02/20/22: Suwanee Half Marathon – This event is the 8th annual Suwanee Half Marathon, and this event has helped with the Suwanee Public Arts Program. As always, the event will be available for all ages, and the Old Town 5k will be held within the same day as well.
3. 03/19/22: Suwanee Kiwanis Shamrock 5k – This year’s Shamrock 5k will be its 10th annual. This 5k is used to help fund their Don Lee memorial scholarships, and they are hoping to raise even more this year to help more students. Unlike other 5k runs, in this one, you have to pay a fee of $25. You can be in the run physically, and there’s even a virtual 5k run as well.
4. 4/17/2022: Community Sunrise Service – This event will be exactly how it sounds to people. There isn’t much extra information about the event, but from what is provided with this event, there will be people coming to volunteer and do community service around the town center around seven in the morning, making this an opportunity to give back to the community of Suwanee and what they have brought to the community.
5. 4/22-23/22: Glow in the Park and Int. Market – This event is a one-mile community parade that goes through the streets of Suwanee Town Center. You can wear costumes and have battery-powered lanterns to make the event more fun. The Suwanee Welcome Center is selling lantern kits as well on their websites. This event is welcome for all ages and pets as well. The event will start with food and fun at five o’clock, the parade will start at dusk, and will end with live music at seven o clock.

“Out of all the places and events that have intrigued me the most is the Blu Rayne Travel and Community Sunrise Service,” said Diane Harvey, a resident of Georgia for over six years and has never been to the Suwanee Town Center, “I have always wanted to go on a cruise, and Blu Rayne Travel might be able to help me achieve that goal.” She continues by saying, “I’ve always liked giving back to the world the best way I can, and community sunrise service is a good way to help Suwanee,” and concludes her statement of the town center by saying, “Although I’m not the biggest fan of running, the mile runs that they have seemed to be the most popular amongst the events.”
Suwanee Town Center has been home for people in the Suwanee community for as long as they have been around. This town center has won many awards due to its success and has many areas and events around it that are enjoyable for everyone. The families of Suwanee have found a liking to the town center due to its variety of the different things that are available. The town center holds escape rooms, music barns, and fountains for kids. The events at this town center can be full of variety, from mile runs to opportunities for community service and parades. The Suwanee Town Center’s purpose has always been to be an open gathering space for the community, and they keep showing that every day with the way things are organized, the places surrounding the center, and the events that they host at this town center.
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