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January 10th will now go down in history for every Georgia Bulldog fan: the day Georgia finally beat Alabama for the National Championship. This was the first time since 2007 that Georgia has beaten Alabama, and after the loss in the SEC championship, this put Georgia back to third in the college football rankings, which still gave them a chance to go for the championship. In their semi-final game, they blew out Michigan 34-11, dominating the game from start to finish. Alabama, also killing Cincinnati 27-6, sending them both to the championship. This was the second chance that Georgia wanted and they didn’t take it lightly. It was a highly defensive game, forcing field goal after field goal. Prior to the fourth quarter, there was no point spread greater than six, with Alabama going into halftime 9-6 over Georgia. Georgia started the third quarter well and forced Alabama to a field goal to bring the score to 12-6. Directly after the field goal, Georgia running back James Cook had an amazing 67-yard run; putting them in the red zone, giving Georgia an easy touchdown.
Georgia, getting one of their first good looks of the game, ruined it at the beginning of the 4th quarter, due to a fumble by Georgia’s quarterback, Stevson Bennett. This put Alabama straight in the red zone, handing them a touchdown. After that embarrassing fumble, Georgia took Bama by the elephant tusk; they steam-rolled them, getting 20 points in just the 4th quarter. Coach Saban (Alabama’s Head Coach) even told Kirby (Georgia’s head coach) after the game that in the 4th quarter they dominated the game, which was shown on national television. This gave Georgia a craved win over Alabama. Daniel Miller said, “I even cried a little bit. I was so excited.” Everyone was ecstatic, Georgia had finally beaten Alabama. The biggest excitement that came from Georgia fans was seeing the Alabama fans cry. Ethan Hinds even said, “Watching Alabama fans cry made me do three whole backflips.”
Georgia really deserved this win after the consistent domination on the field throughout this 2021 season. On the other hand, Alabama struggled to beat unranked teams and field goal loss to Texas A&M. They were inconsistent and not the Alabama team that their fans are used to.