Nike sues Lululemon

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Two of the most popular athletic brands are now engaged in a legal battle over…mirrors?
Nike has recently filed a lawsuit against Lululemon on the allegations of patent infringement over Nike’s at-home mirror fitness device and other related mobile apps. The lawsuit references the Mirror Home Gym, which is a device for live and pre-recorded at-home workouts that Lululemon bought for about $450 million in the summer of 2020.

Nike’s complaint is based on the fact that they have been making digital sports tech since the early 1980s and are practically the king of Sports Tech Mountain. Nike is not saying that no other company is allowed to make digital tech; they are simply asking that when they do make digital products, their ideas are original and do not try to steal the same concepts as Nike’s products. In 1983, Nike developed a patent for a device that tracked a runner’s speed, distance, time, and number of calories burned and have since continued to invent multiple products and apps that attract millions of users. Nike states that Lululemon’s Mirror violates six patents, which in general, include activity-tracking devices that “prompt two users in different locations to compete in a challenge, instruct users based on heart rate, give users ‘streak awards’ based on performance, and let users share their activity to social media.” However, Lululemon responded to Nike’s claim by making a statement, “The patents in question are overly broad and invalid. We are confident in our position and look forward to defending it in court.” Nonetheless, Nike is seeking triple damages for Lululemon’s presumed willful infringement, along with a variety of other remedies.

When asking around the school to get a gist of what students thought about the lawsuit, the answers varied:

One student claimed that Nike is very just in the suing of Lululemon. They stated, “I would be pretty upset if someone stole my ideas without giving me credit, if Lululemon did steal Nike’s ideas why shouldn’t they pay for those actions.”

Another student claimed, “Nike needs to let it go, it’s not that serious. If Nike is still making money off the product, all suing will do is damage both companies’ reputations. Companies are allowed to have similar products, Nike doesn’t get a monopoly on all sports products.”

However, is it possible Lululemon did do something wrong? Because not only is Lululemon being sued by Nike, but they are also currently engaged in a legal battle with Peloton. Lululemon sued Peloton based on patent infringements because of certain Peloton leggings and sports bras. However, when countersuing, Peloton used the same reason Lululemon did when responding to Nike. They claimed that Lululemon’s patents were invalid for being overly broad. Adding on, one of the pairs of leggings included in Lululemon’s suit is a Peloton collab with Nike. Does Lululemon just have it out for these two companies? Is Lululemon working hard to make enemies? Do they see every other athletic company as one they need to sue?

Whether Lululemon is justified in their suings or whether they are just trying to get under their skin, customers of all companies are hoping the lawsuits move swiftly and with justice. Lawsuits exist to make sure wrongdoings are caught and to prevent them from happening again by forcing the guilty party to take accountability for what they have done. Hopefully all parties involved will get the outcome they are hoping for, and Lululemon won’t get sued again any time soon.

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