Gwinnett’s latest murder


We’re all excited for the new year, 2022, yet we may have overlooked a great tragedy in 2021: a one-year-old was found dead on Seasons Parkway, located in Gwinnett County. As if the infant’s death wasn’t devastating enough, now the mother is being charged with his murder.

The infant was claimed to have been run over by a truck the day before, according to his mother. However, the autopsy delivers evidence disproving her story, and according to the charges, it likely involved the mother playing part in the child’s death. Not only that, but the mother was also charged with child cruelty, in regards to failing to provide her son with basic medical attention after the supposed truck harmed her child. Reporting that the child, “Appear[ed] fine after,” claiming the child was harmlessly playing outside beforehand. Despite how ‘fine’ the child appeared, he passed away that same night after not receiving medical attention. The mother has since been charged with second-degree murder and second-degree child cruelty after police stated they found evidence from the autopsy that was, “inconsistent” with her story.

As to how the policemen came to this conclusion is not currently public knowledge, and being a minor, it’s likely that the true cause of this child’s death will not make it to the general public. Meaning the “inconsistency” that the police found with the mother’s story will likely remain a mystery, as well as the real reason for the infant’s death. Not to mention, on nearly all sites, it mentions that more information is required for this case, and to call the number 770-513-5300, if you hold any useful information.

I also urge you to pass this number along, as it could assist police in discovering more information about the infant’s death, and the guilt of his mother. Justice should be served.

Mother charged with murder for death 1-year-old in Gwinnett County. (2022).