Is Black History Month enough?


Sinit Micael

Black History Periodic Table

Discrimination and hatred towards Black Americans has gone on since slavery and is still a major problem in our society today. However, Black History Month (February) is a month dedicated to showing the achievements of our ancestors despite their years of slavery and oppression. Unfortunately, February is the shortest month, only 28 days, and I personally don’t think that it’s enough to explain and push out all of the incredible accomplishments my ancestors have achieved.

In addition to Black History Month happening during the shortest month of the year, most people don’t retain the information that is shared during this time because they just do not care about it, which they should care about. That’s why we should invest more time and effort into learning about Black Excellence during this time.

Black Excellence is beautiful and amazing; for example, an article that NASA made for Katherine Johnson states that she was the only woman, only black woman, to figure out the time of orbit and landing of the spacecraft using only her mind and a Euler’s Method for space travel. NASA used Euler’s Method, and it worked, and she did this throughout three decades. I feel like we do not learn enough about people like Katherine and should learn more about our history in the world within black history in school.

I asked my World History teacher, Mrs. Perez, and she said, “It would be amazing if we had the time to really dig into some of those AKS. For example, I don’t think we talk enough about the early civilizations and their achievements for humankind. Most of the time when we think of Black History, we think about the civil rights movement, but there are so many more historical and cultural achievements before that time period. I am not saying that one time period is more important than another, I am just saying that we would not be where we are today if it were not for many of those civilizations.”

In the end, having more history and knowledge on black history in our school systems, history classes, even our club BSA ( Black Student Association) would be a good thing for Lanier High, or society in general.