Movie review: Spiderman No Way Home



Spider-Man no way home

Spider-Man No Way Home broke the box office in 2021 and now has passed the $1.69 billion mark at the global box office to become the sixth highest-grossing movie of all time. In addition to the 93% Rotten Tomato rating the movie received, all these accolades are just a fraction of appreciation the movie deserves for the action, emotions, and surprises this movie puts you through.

The movie starts off right at the end of the sequel, Spider-Man Far From Home with Spider-Man’s identity now revealed, everyone knows he’s Peter Parker. On top of that, while Mysterio exposed Peter’s identity, he also framed him for murder. The police then arrest Peter and everyone involved with his double life. Luckily, all of his legal troubles are quickly resolved with a cameo by one of New York City’s finest attorneys, Matt Murdock, who coincidentally also lives a double life as Daredevil. As stated before his legal troubles were dealt with, but since the entire world still knows Peter, his girlfriend MJ, and his best friend Ned, were all involved in Spider-Man’s vigilantism, they all turn into public enemies. Due to their controversy, they also get rejected from all the colleges they applied to.

In an attempt to resolve the conflict, Peter decided to visit Doctor Strange and ask him to make everyone forget that he was Spider-Man. Doctor Strange was warned and knew how dangerous casting a spell was, but still decided to help Peter since he had already been through so much as just a teenager. While Strange is casting his spell Peter realizes everyone he loves will forget part of who he is and one by one starts asking Strange to let some people remember. Eventually, this is too much and causes the spell to go out of control and break apart. Strange is then furious with Peter because what he did could have caused the multiverse to break, and was only able to contain it in a magical box for haywire spells. Right when all hope seems lost, Strange gave Peter one last piece of advice and told him to try to convince the school to change their mind, so he did just that. Peter caught up with one of the members on the board of admissions at MIT to try to get him, his girlfriend, and his best friend one more shot into college. Once he does, he is met with Doctor Otto Octavious (Doc Ock) who was last seen in 2002s Spider-Man 2. During the fight between the two, Peter saved the MIT Board member and after he stopped Doc Ock she promised to help them get into MIT.

Suddenly, Strange teleports Peter to him and warns him that the spell that he botched opened up the multiverse, and now people in the vast multiverse who know Peter Parker is Spider-Man, are coming into their world. Doctor Strange tells Peter he needs to find all the multiversal threats that entered their world and send them back. With already being able to get a second chance for himself and his friends, Peter captured all the multiversal trespassers for Strange to send back to their worlds. Just before Strange pushes the button on the magical box to send them all back, Peter learns that some of the trespassers will die fighting a Spider-Man from their world if they are sent back. Peter tells Strange this but it doesn’t change a thing, Strange is convinced that sending them back is the only way and if some of them die, so be it. Peter doesn’t like this and fights Doctor Strange in one of the craziest and most visually appealing fights we’ve seen in Marvel thus far.

Eventually, Spider-Man beats Doctor Strange and leaves him in the mirror dimension. Peter’s idea is to “fix” all the multiversal trespassers, so that way when they go home they don’t die fighting Spider-Man. At first, his plan is working and fixes Doc Ock but then one of the trespassers, Norman Osborn who has advanced physical abilities and a split personality attacks Peter, and after that everything goes wrong. Norman goes full Green Goblin, The Lizard attacks Peter, Sandman is loose, and Electro is destroying nearby buildings and attacking Doc Ock. Just before Norman went crazy, Peter was able to make an antiserum to stabilize him again so his plan was still to use the antiserum to stop the Green Goblin. However, Peter isn’t able to stop him and Green Goblin starts to deliver killer blows. Before Goblin can kill Peter, Aunt May injects Green Goblin with the antiserum but it fails. After this Green Goblin goes full psycho and destroys the whole bottom of the building and kills Aunt May.

We then see Peter’s best friend, Ned, and Peter’s girlfriend, MJ. They are both back home and have no idea about what just happened. We get arguably one of the best marvel scenes ever. Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man come through a portal to help our Peter Parker. All four go out to look for our world’s Peter and when we see him, he is completely distraught and ready to send the trespassers back home even though it means some of them may die. Toby and Andrew remind him that with great power comes great responsibility, and Aunt May didn’t die for nothing. All three Spider-Man’s set up a plan to cure all five multiversal trespassers and send them home safely. They planned to lure all the villains to the Statue of Liberty and although the villains tried to kill them, they would try to cure them. After one of the best final battle scenes ever, all but one villain was left to cure, the Green Goblin.

Suddenly out of thin air, the Green Goblin appears on his glider and throws a pumpkin bomb at the magical box, which is the only thing that is containing the spell that could break the multiverse open. The Goblin succeeds and the magical box breaks and suddenly we see in the sky other multiversal threats coming into our world. Only motivated by anger and revenge, Tom’s Spider-Man then viciously starts attacking Green Goblin to the point where Toby’s Spider-Man had to stop Tom from killing the Green Goblin. Afterward, Tom’s Spider-Man makes the right decision and cures the Green Goblin. After all the current trespassers are dealt with, Tom’s Spider-Man has to make one of the hardest decisions he’s ever had to make. He has to let everyone forget who Peter Parker is, so no more trespassers can come through. In the end, Tom’s Peter makes his goodbyes to his two new friends, Ned, and finally the love of his life MJ.

This summary doesn’t even give this movie justice. This movie didn’t only meet everyone’s expectations, it blew past them. This movie puts all 20 years of cinematic Spider-Man together perfectly and leaves us with closure for some stories and even opened new doors to others. The fan service we get in this movie is unmatched with Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, Thomas Haden, Rhys Ifans, and J.K. Simmons all reprising their previous roles from the Spider-Man movies. We also get satisfying moments like all the Spider-Man’s joking around together, talking about their web-shooters, the villains they’ve fought, and the people they’ve lost from being Spider-Man. Arguably the most satisfying moment was seeing Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man saving Tom Holland’s MJ from a fall, because Andrew failed to save the love of his life, Gwen, the exact same way. This movie perfectly represents the character of Spider-Man, because instead of letting the villains just die he tries to help each and every one of them despite all the destruction and death they have caused in the past. On top of that, after he fails trying to help all the trespassers and they kill his Aunt May, Peter still doesn’t send them back to die because that’s not what Spider-Man does. No Way Home’s ending capitalizes on his growth as a superhero, making it the supposedly perfect way to cap off his origin story and begin a new chapter of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse.