The US is rapidly losing trees


Does the following story sound familiar? You’re traveling down the street in the passenger seat of a car when you look out the window and see piles of dirt. Well, that’s because trees are being cut down, and stores and neighborhoods are being built in their place. In fact, the United States loses 36 million trees per year, and this is due to both human and natural causes.

As more buildings are constructed, more trees are removed, and as more trees are removed, more buildings are constructed. Consider this scenario: a new neighborhood is established, more people move into the area due to new vacancies, the area becomes overcrowded over time, and more neighborhoods, apartments, townhomes, stores, and restaurants are developed to lessen the overpopulation by making the area bigger. That is exactly what we are experiencing, infrastructure. Infrastructure refers to the physical structures and services that support a business or community.

This industry is a major factor in tree loss, although it is not the only one. Latex, furniture, musical instruments, pencils, toys, and much more are among the products produced. There are natural reasons trees are being lost as well including wildfires and overgrazing.When asked what her thoughts were on trees being cut down for infrastructure a Lanier Staff member replied “I think it’s both good and bad, some good for the community and some is just greed, really i believe they are cutting down the wrong trees. Dead trees are the reason for so many forest fires. Another student replied “.I also questioned one of Lanier’s students if they thought deforestation harmed animals or humans more, and another student about their thoughts on faster construction. Student one responded, “I believe animals are more affected because they lose their homes and many of their kind due to what people are causing.” Student two responded, “I wish they would stop with all of it because it simply looks ugly and is generating overcrowding.”

Though most of us don’t realize it, deforestation drastically affects people and animals alike. malaria and other insect-borne diseases reach an uprising, habitat loss, less food, and an increased risk of predatory animals hunting them. Humans and animals alike are affected by Global warming, desertification, soil erosion, and increased greenhouse gasses which are all caused by deforestation.

Items that are produced from trees are also affected. Good quality wood is becoming harder and harder to come by. It takes nearly 30 years for trees to fully grow and with the older trees being cut down now all we have are younger trees. Replanting would be a helpful solution if it wasn’t for the time needed for them to grow.

It’s not just the U.S that is losing trees, the whole world is, and it’s going to become a larger, much more drastic problem if we don’t handle it soon.
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