What is the Prom Fashion Show?


2020 LHS Prom Fashion Show

Get excited; Student Council is bringing back The Prom Fashion Show. According to Mrs.LeMaster, it is “a show where the guys and girls get in prom wear, like tuxes and dresses and…they do fashion show walks [and] choreographed dances.” Furthermore, the main purpose of this show is to “promote prom and get people excited [for it]” Even though the fashion show isn’t until April 14th, there is still stuff that needs to be done, like tryouts, outfits, makeup, and choreography.

The Prom Fashion Show has actually been around at Lanier for a while, according to Kori Joseph, who is also a freshman and a member of the student council. “It’s been going on . . . even before I came to high school,” said Joseph. She is right: the PFS used to be a yearly tradition before Covid forced it to be canceled in 2020 and 2021.

Now that the Prom Fashion Show is officially back, the first thing to do was to hold tryouts. More than 60 students tried out for only 30 spots. Mrs. LeMaster, who is the sponsor of the Prom Fashion Show and also played the role as one of the judges during tryouts gave a little information on what the judges were looking for during tryouts stating, “We really looked for people with personality, people who were going to give us more than just a walk. We want it to be fun and entertaining, so we tried to pick fun and entertaining students.”

Of course, when you sign up for a pageant, you might get nervous and start wondering: Did I make the cut? Did I do good? I asked different students to rate their nervousness on a scale of one to ten. Josue Santos, a senior, gave a seven, while Ansley Long, a freshman, gave a five. Long said that she is looking forward to, “Having fun because this is what the whole point of [the fashion show is].” She also hopes to get memories out of the fashion show.

Even though many people have different reasons for auditioning for the fashion show, Josue’s reason hit home, stating, “I wanted to sign up to do it so that people could have a different understanding that men and women [can] be equal. To . . . not [let it] matter how the people look.” Meaning, no matter how the person dresses or how they act, we are all equal in our own way. We shouldn’t judge someone for who they are. Furthermore, this wasn’t Josue’s first show. According to him, he is also in musical theater and in pageants, stating, “Growing up, I have always been in pageants, so I kinda understood the feeling of [nervousness].” Lastly, Santos is doing this pageant, “for fun and for people to have that understanding because I’m gay . . . I can do what other people can do.”

Conclusively, I would like to congratulate the following people for making the Lanier High School Prom Fashion Show: Xander Little, Nathan Donaldson, Josue Santos, Alix Doyle, Adam Ault, Cabe Doker, Logan Wilson, Jake Moleta, Jimmy Ervin, Joey Graham, Andrew Graham, Jackson Marcantel, Noah Richardson, Christian Parkinson, and Alex Martinez in tuxes, and Khalon Carter, Gianna Stellato, Michaela Haney, Jaid Ray, Katelyn Mottlau, Rodeline Philippe, Lilly Hester, Aaryn Wright, Chaniyah Ellis, Bailey Bradford, Presley Wilmot, Annabelle Reasons, Mariana Cayetano, Kayla Williamson, and Victoria Jones in dresses. The fashion show is going to be held in the theater on April 14, 2022 during Longhorn Time. Good luck to all who are participating!