The NFL overtime rule is unfair


NFL game

Recently, there was another controversy with the NFL’s overtime rules in the Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs game. The NFL rule states that the team that wins the coin toss gets the chance to drive down the field on a touchdown to end the game without turning over possession to the other team or giving them the chance to score. On the other hand, if the team that wins the coin toss doesn’t score, whether that be by the means of a touchdown or field goal, then the other team can go down the field and win on a touchdown or field goal to win the game. Many people claimed that it wasn’t fair how the Chiefs won the coin toss and drove the ball down the field to score. The reason the game was so controversial was because fans and NFL followers believe that both teams should have had the chance to have the ball to determine the winner.

Most people believe that the Bills in this game should have had a chance to obtain the ball, even though they lost the coin toss. As they were referring to college overtime rules, where the coin toss only determines which team starts with the ball in the overtime period. After the first possession, the ball switches back and forth throughout the overtime period until a winner is determined.

I interviewed a few people around Lanier High School about their thoughts on whether the NFL overtime rules were fair or not, and if not, what solutions could be offered in the future to make it more fair.

I first interviewed Dominique Daniels, a senior at Lanier, and his response was, “Nah, it doesn’t give both teams a chance. Just play the whole overtime, but at the same time, defense wins games, so if a team can’t stop them maybe they just weren’t that team.”

I then interviewed junior, Anay Patel. His response was, “No, I don’t think the coin toss should determine who should win, so even if the other team scores, there should be a chance for the other team to come back and score and then let the game keep going until a team doesn’t score.”

Lastly, I interviewed Andrew Graham, a Junior at Lanier, and he replied, “No, I think they should switch to college overtime rules so that it gives everybody a chance so if… one team scores, you still have a chance to keep going and going.”

I also agree with most people, as I do believe that the NFL’s overtime rules are not fair towards both teams playing. However, I believe a solution for the problem is the NFL can play another full 15 minutes in overtime. Then, the winner from the overtime period will win the game.