We love our custodial staff!

Here at Lanier High School, everyone plays an important part in participating in the community. This includes everyone from the principal to the students. By working together and participating in their role, every active person that goes to Lanier High contributes to establishing the friendly, accepting atmosphere that it is known for today. A valuable member of this community that contributes greatly and deserves recognition is Lanier High’s fellow custodians. Many of our custodians take pride in keeping the school on its two feet, especially during the pandemic. While Covid runs rampant, our custodians are making sure to keep the buildings as sanitary as possible.
Lanier is home to many amazing custodians, one of them being Mrs. Annette. She has been happily working with the school for a while. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with the students and taking pride in keeping the school clean. There are often times when she, along with other custodians, are asked to stay after hours which goes to show how big of a priority sanitation is. Mrs. Annette starts the day off at 9 am when she preps the lunchroom. She along with other custodians remain in the cafeteria from the first to the last lunch period where they clean up left behind scraps and sanitize the tables and rearrange the chairs after the end of each period. After the last Lunch period is concluded, Mrs. Annette monitors the halls. In some cases, she is called in for spills or assistance with other custodians. This continues thoroughly until her shift ends at 5 pm; by this time Mrs. Annette is tasked with wrapping things up such as putting up tables and double-checking for left behind food. Mrs. Annette also stated, “ It’s a modest job to do, not just for the building but also for the people”. These tasks do not go unappreciated and are very helpful to many students. Ethan Hinds, a student in fourth period lunch, has noticed the trash many students leave behind in the rush after lunch ends. Ethan states, “ I see so much trash under the seats and stains on the table and it’s pretty amazing to see it all cleaned up for the fifth period. Almost like it never happened.” Miss. Annette has also stated that it takes five custodians to work 15 minutes straight to keep the lunch room prepared for the next class. All of which work in unison with each other. It’s clear to say that our fellow custodians go far and beyond for the community which we all appreciate greatly.