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Uncharted returns to the spotlight as a new film from Sony Pictures. Uncharted, which began as a video game by Naughty Dog, depicts the journey of a young man in search of wealth while encountering difficulties along the way (while possibly even locating his sibling). Let’s take a look at people’s reactions before the film comes out, as well as more on the behind-the-scenes action with the incredible stunts.

MTV UK spoke with Tom Holland (playing Nathan Drake) about his experiences on site and with the cast in an interview. “I did get injured actually. I had quite bad tendinitis in my hamstring which wasn’t from an injury more just from overwork … but no it was interesting. I mean in Spider-Man because so much of the world is CGI, you can put a big crash mat on the floor and they can make that look like whatever they want it to be. But, because we’re shooting in real locations [such as] Barcelona, Berlin, you know when you hit the floor.” We can see that it’s an action-packed film, and the staff working on it wants it to feel exactly like the video game, complete with exciting escapades.

A distinct interview with Mark Wahlberg (playing Victor Sullivan) regarding his thoughts on the video game was also broadcast on JoBlo Celebrity Interviews. “Uncharted itself, even though it’s a video game, is so cinematic and such great story-telling that it absolutely makes [it] perfect for film adaptation…You can really…make a movie for the 40 million people who bought the game, but also people who don’t know anything about Uncharted can just come and go on an adventure [and] a wild ride.” It’s easy to see how even individuals who played the games years ago would see some subtle parallels between the two.

I interviewed a few individuals and asked them the following questions:

What are your opinions on the upcoming Uncharted film?
A Sophomore stated, “Personally, I haven’t heard of the Uncharted film, since it hasn’t been advertised lately near me.”
Mia Pasion, a Freshman at Lanier, said, “I saw the trailer a few days ago, and I [must] say that it’s…good. It seems like an interesting adventure, but it seems like it could be any sort of adventure film.”

Will you be tuning in? If so, why or why not?
A Sophomore stated, “I will possibly be tuning in the more I see it, such as trailers and other teasers.”
Mia Pasion said, “I will most likely be tuning since it has Tom Holland and Mark Walhberg. Since these are very good actors they are more likely to draw more attention to the movie.”

The public appears to be quite enthused about the new film, and it appears to be a fresh adventure for us all to witness in theaters.

*NOTE:* The film has already been released, although this was all written before the film’s initial release.


MTV UK Tom Holland Compares His Spider-Man And Uncharted On-Set Injuries | MTV Movies 2/7/22