Scientists are making a portal to another universe?!

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Infinite worlds and other universes have been hypothesized and depicted in science fiction for a long time, and now, such locations may be within our reach. Leah Broussard, a physicist, is experimenting at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee with the intent to open a passageway to another world that may be similar to our very own.
Dr. Broussard plans to fire an 85-megawatt nuclear reactor that can shoot out billions of neutrons on demand, through a lengthy tube. When asked how a parallel universe was even possible, Dr. Broussard explained, “We have a lot of matter in our universe that we don’t understand. The evidence is very possible that there is a duplicate version of our world. We kind of have an alternate understanding of this because of these particles, and it’s that some of these particles have a left-handed Behavior, We don’t really understand why that is and so there was this hypothesis that maybe there are possible extra copies of these particles or maybe they have a right-handed behavior.” Dr. Broussard goes on to say “For some reason, these two just don’t interact enough. On the other hand, with the right-handed interaction, there is no knowledge that some particles that we know we can’t interact with have a copy of themselves in the universe that are right-handed and they don’t interact at all.” She explains this by stating “That’s what makes up at least some of the Dark Matter particles we know of as of now.” Physicist, Broussard, mentions dark matter and how our understanding of it could help this theory come to life by adding this in her statement. “Like a mirror, a parallel universe is a possibility that we could look for so we don’t know if it’s possible but all the evidence of how these particles behave is pointing in that direction.” If all goes according to plan, this might indicate the existence of a parallel reality. Some of the particles will become mirror versions of themselves if the beam interacts with the unbreakable wall. This mirror picture of the particles would indicate that Broussard’s hypothesis is true, because all neutrons should be identical.
While this is an amazing discovery, a mirror universe may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Many shows examined this concept, even going as far as to say that there are evil copies of humans or your opposite self floating around in another dimension. The J.J. Abrams’ follow-up to “Lost” speculated on this world as well. Another television program “Fringe” depicted the concept of two opposing dimensions. Each individual has a counterpart, although the worlds differ somewhat. Science maintains that this is not the case in reality. If the trials proceed as planned, we may see mirror replicas of planets and stars, but not people. In the real world, this means that we will not observe a Multiverse with several villains attempting to infiltrate our world, that would be ridiculous. Other than evil parallel copies of ourselves, Broussard’s mirror world experiment has many other intriguing ramifications.
When asked whether this was a top-secret government/military program or weapon, Dr. Broussard joked at the idea of this experiment potentially being a possible government project or weapon that could be used to deter adversaries or carry out top-secret operations. Dr. Broussard said, “Maybe the government could potentially use the neurons to target an adversary.” The unique experiment might hold the key to understanding dark matter. For a long time, scientists have been baffled by the concept of dark matter, but Dr. Broussard and her colleagues took the concept of understanding dark matter to a whole other world when they conducted this experiment. According to Dr. Broussard, this mirror world might help explain what dark matter is all about. This stuff constitutes the majority of the cosmos, however, scientists have yet to define what it is composed of. The most important thing scientists know about dark matter is that it is responsible for the universe’s expansion. It is so enigmatic that measuring it is difficult, if not impossible. Known matter, such as what people are composed of, accounts for less than five percent of quantifiable matter. As of right now, Dr. Broussard’s research is being peer-reviewed by physicists in her field of study.
Creating a doorway to a mirror universe is just the start for Dr. Broussard. She goes on to say, “This experiment is only the first step in unlocking the door to this new parallel mirror version of our world.” If they succeed in their quest, the next stage will be to see if scientists can infiltrate that universe and step inside.
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