The theater department presents: Footloose

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Footloose, a famous story recently put on by Lanier’s theater department, is about a teenager named Ren McCormack who is in shock when he discovers that his new town has banned dancing and rock music. Ren makes it his mission to change the laws with his new friends, Ariel and Willard, by his side. This show took place at Lanier High School on January 28th and 29th.
Mrs. Lance, who is the head of the theater department at Lanier High School explained why they chose this show in the first place: “Because Footloose is a big show, I believed it would help the theater program at Lanier High grow.” Finally, I asked Mrs. Lance what her greatest problem was while preparing her show. She stated, “The biggest challenge was having to schedule the show during a school break.”
Footloose was a great show that helped the actors get out of their comfort zones. I had the opportunity to interview four of the actors in the show. When asked what the show meant to her, first-timer at acting Bree Farmer told me, “The show meant a great deal to me. It helped me test my waters and expand as an actress.”
Next, I interviewed Harlow Griffith who played the role of the cop and also understudied Betty BLast and Ethel McCormack. What I really wanted to know from Griffith was what her favorite part of the show was. Harlow said, “My favorite part of the entire show was seeing all the standing ovations, which helped me gain confidence.”
I felt that I needed to interview an actor who I have known for a long time named Josh Napier. He is a skillful actor who I had seen perform in many different productions at Lanier High School. I had asked Napier why he chose to perform in the show Footloose. Napier said, “I chose to perform in the show because I felt that I could relate to my character. I felt the show was a really heartfelt show that I wanted the audience to never forget.”
In all honesty, Footloose is the type of show that I would definitely love to watch again. It made me feel connected to the viewpoints of the different characters. As the show was taking place I was able to feel the determination and love that the actors were portraying during the show. In fact, the show broke multiple school records as far as attendance and profit goes. Mrs.Lance told me “This show was meant to help people know about the theater program and get students to sign up for the theater class next year.” I can’t wait to see what the Lanier Theater company has to offer in the next couple of years.