How to stay in shape during your off-season

Ryan Miller

Ever wondered what you should do to keep in shape for your sport during the off-season? Whether you do football, volleyball, cross country, soccer, or any other sport, you can find things to do, so you don’t lose your groove when your sport starts up again.
One student here at Lanier, Makayla Bowman, does cross country as her “main” sport. During cross country’s off-season, she participates in long distance track. This helps her practice her milage for when cross country comes back in season. “I continued with the long distance, so I could continue running for cross country,” she says.
Another student, Ashley Burbacher, does volleyball here at Lanier. Alongside playing volleyball, Ashley also plays tennis for Lanier. Ashley says that tennis helps with serving and standing up straight, which she also needs for volleyball. She continues, “Volleyball and tennis are actually very similar.”
Finding an alternative sport that goes hand-in-hand with your priority sport helps people stay in shape because it engages you in more practice and allows you to look at skills from a new perspective. Therefore, your skills and overall performance will have improved for when your main sport rolls back around.
Just doing simple workouts could keep you in shape too! Bowman finds that doing arm and leg workouts really helps her body for cross country. She also tries to limit the amount of sweets and sodas she has, in order to keep her body healthy and fueled. Burbacher does a lot of upper body, lower body, weightlifting, and cardio workouts to keep her body prepared for volleyball season.
Something else that athletes can do to keep their body’s in shape is to eat healthy and maintain healthy eating plans. Makayla and Ashley both try to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as consume enough water. Makayla also adds some pasta and carbs to her diet to keep her body ready to run. The game day cheer coach, Coach Burrell, says, “Protein is encouraged for energy. We discourage drinking an excess amount of energy drinks.” Coach Burrell also encourages her cheerleaders to stay hydrated and eat well balanced meals on and off the game day cheer season.
Whether it’s a small or big effort to keep your body in shape, it’s better than not doing anything. The simplest activities will help ensure you don’t get out of those habits and training that you did when your sport was in season.