Should you register for Maxwell?

Maxwell High School of Technology is in Gwinnett County and is open to high school students from all Gwinnett County Schools. Students from all GCPS high schools may acquire three credits in a Georgia Career Pathway by successfully completing one of the Maxwell programs.
Maxwell High School offers career and technical education programs to students in Gwinnett County. On the GCPS website, it says that, “Maxwell High School of Technology is founded in educational research on increasing achievement, improving graduation rates, and sustaining student success in postsecondary experiences. The research-based initiatives that Maxwell launched include, but are not limited to, awarding of credit based on demonstrated mastery rather than instructional hours, providing a seamless transition for students to college and/or career, and assuring that the faculty represents the highest caliber of professionals with real-life experiences that can be transferred directly to student learning.”
So what programs does Maxwell have to offer? It offers a wide variety of programs that are nationally recognized. These programs include:
• Architectural Drawing & Design
• Collision Repair
• Construction
• Culinary Arts
• Early Childhood Education
• Electronics
• Fire and Emergency Services (Firefighting
• Flight Operations
• Graphic Design
• Law Enforcement Services
• Maintenance & Light Repair (Automotive Services)
• Metals (Welding)
• Personal Care Services (Cosmetology)
• Programming (Apps & Game Design)
• Therapeutic Services (Healthcare).
How can you apply? On the eCLASS homepage under “Additional Resources,” there is a link for “Maxwell/Grayson Tech Registration.” You must choose the program that you are wanting to do, and you are also able to pick another program as a second choice. After you choose your program, you must explain your career goals. In order to apply, you must have at least four credits completed. After you submit your application, you should get an email saying that your application has been received, and in about a week, you will receive an email letting you know whether or not your application has been accepted or not.
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