The dos and don’ts of Prom

Maggie Shannon

Prom, also known as the biggest and greatest social gathering of your high school years, is coming up in April of 2022. For many, it’s not that big of a deal, but for most, it’s the one thing in high school that upperclassmen look forward to most. To make the night extra perfect, I’m here to share the major “Dos and Don’ts” to follow so that you can make the most out of your prom night.


1. Plan in advance
It’s always important to be prepared, including making sure you have plans for before and after prom. Some fun things to do after prom are; grabbing dessert with your group, going to a party, or even going back home and unwinding from the night.

2. Go with people you are comfortable with
Make sure to go with people who will allow you to enjoy your time and be fun with you. It’s important to be able to be yourself, don’t let the people around you ruin your night.

3. Make reservations ahead of time
Don’t wait till the last minute to plan where you’re going to eat, because chances are, people are already planning on doing the same thing. Go somewhere nice and at your price range.

4. Make sure everything fits, and you have your hair and makeup prepared
Especially for girls who like dressing up and looking nice during fancy occasions, make sure to have the dress you like fit and picked out ahead of time. Prom dresses and tuxedos are not cheap, so make sure you buy something you would actually enjoy wearing that fits well.

5. Get your tickets
In order to even go to the dance itself, you must get tickets, so don’t forget to buy them ahead of time.

6. Coordinate with your date
If you plan to have a date for prom, make sure you coordinate with them. That way you can both match. Matching with your date is more fun, especially if you guys plan on taking pictures together.

7. Bring an extra pair of shoes
For those who like to wear uncomfortable shoes, such as high heels, make sure to bring an extra change of comfortable shoes you can dance in. Unless you want to be stepped on with bare feet, always pack an extra pair of shoes; you won’t regret it.

8. Have fun and make the most of your night
Lastly, just remember not to put too much stress on yourself and enjoy your time. For some, this is a once in a lifetime experience, so make the most of it.


1. Stress too early in advance
Although this is an important night, don’t stress it too much, especially months early. You can have it in the back of your mind and plan out what you are doing, but don’t start organizing it until about two months before.

2. Spend an excessive amount of money
Prom can get expensive, so make sure you try your best to not spend too much money on the little things. It’s not necessary to buy all the expensive things when there’s better and cheaper alternatives you can choose from.

3. Feel like you need a date
Dates are fun for big dances like prom, but they are not necessary. As long as you’re going with people you like spending time with, that’s all that matters. You don’t need a date, and you shouldn’t have to stress over it if you can’t find anyone.

4. Forget the corsage/boutonniere
Especially if you’re going with a date, make sure to have your flowers there and ready. Don’t be that one person who forgot them… there’s always someone.

For those going to Lanier’s prom on April 23rd at the bowl in Sugar Hill, or even a prom nearby, make sure to get your dress/tux; some stores to look at are Girlie Girl, Flirt, Windsor, Men’s Wearhouse, or any big department store. To purchase tickets, check out eClass and make sure you get them on time! ​​With enough preparation and time, you’ll be able to successfully make your prom night the best it can be!