Introducing our new head softball coach: Coach Cromie

It’s coming close to summertime, which means preparation for the softball season begins. This year, a part of our preparation is getting a new head coach. Coach Cromie was first brought to Lanier High School two years ago in the 2020-21 school year. The previous head coach for Lanier Softball, Coach Schmidt, is responsible for Cromie joining the program. Their previous encounters and friendship through separate high school teams is what started this dynamic duo. Coach Schmidt stepped down from being head coach to pursue other passions after four years of being Lanier softball’s head coach.
After Coach Schmidt stepped down, she asked Coach Cromie if he would want to interview for head coach, and his response was, “I would absolutely love to take over the program.” Although she stepped down, she was hoping to still be involved in the softball program, and Cromie undoubtingly agreed to keep their coaching duo for future seasons to come. Although Cromie was already a part of the softball program at Lanier, all potential head coaches must interview with Lanier’s athletic director, Coach McDonald, for the position. Understandably, this process takes some considerable deliberation, and being so eager to win the position makes the deliberation time feel never ending. When asking Coach Cromie his thoughts about the extended wait, he stated, “When you really want something you want it now.” He respects the interviewing process and the careful deliberation, but he couldn’t wait to start working and improving the softball program.
Even while the head coach position was up in the air, Cromie still ran conditioning for the returning and potential new softball players. He wanted us to be ahead of the game and physically ready for the season to come with him as head coach or not. That’s pure dedication and love. Now that he is officially head coach, Cromie has a lot of plans for this program, including new team apparel, laser grading the infield (a process that uses a laser to get the infield to the desired slope), installing an outfield warning track, more involvement with the middle school team, and even more tournament play. These aren’t just ideas anymore, they are already being set into motion. With bright things ahead for the Lanier Softball Program, the girls couldn’t be more behind Cromie and all his decisions. Being a rising senior myself, I get to deliberate with the coach about next season, and it’s going to be the best season yet. The outlook on next season would have to be, “Young and experienced with the expectations to surpass last year’s goals, including the ultimate goal to make it to the state playoffs,” according to Coach Cromie. With only two seniors next season, the young girls are stepping up and showing out. Cromie is bringing so much to this team, and next year will be a season to remember.
Coach Cromie teaches math and study hall in room 411; if you’re interested in joining the softball team, drop by his class, and he will gladly create a line of communication! Softball conditioning is also something you can go to if you’re interested in joining the team. Conditioning is held from 2:30-4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the weight room in the field house and Wednesdays on the track. It’s a great time, but don’t expect it to be easy. The culture in the softball program is about to change for the better. If you want to know more about Lanier Softball you can follow us on twitter @LanierSoftball.