Lanier’s LAX season has begun!

The new year is here, and the new Lanier lacrosse season is officially upon us! The lacrosse playing Longhorns are gearing up for their season this year by working hard and practicing every day to improve their skills. Both teams had winning seasons last year and intend to continue that streak this year and the years to come.

I asked the captains from both teams what their favorite part of playing lacrosse is, and their responses were very heartfelt: Lana Torres (junior; third year on the team) says, “I enjoy the difficulty the sport brings and being able to constantly improve while adding new things to the game.” Sam Lee (junior; third year on the team) says, “My favorite part about lacrosse is how everyone is willing to give so much to better the next person that comes along, and it becomes a family.”

I also asked players from both teams what they hope to see out of their teams this year: Richard Phan (junior; third year on the team) explained that, “This year I hope we make the playoffs and continue to have another winning season.” Lanier lacrosse has not yet made the playoffs, so that is a big goal that both teams are hoping to work towards. On the other hand Paige Pinkney (sophomore; second year on the team) explains what she hopes to see out of the Lady Longhorns this year, saying, “I hope this year we are able to rebuild our team again, since we lost all our starting players from last year. We are hoping to win a good amount of games while also improving our skills.”

Lacrosse is one of those sports that has brought so many different kinds of students together where they are able to learn and work as a team. Even though lacrosse isn’t a very well-known sport at Lanier, it is one of the most inclusive and well-rounded groups of not only athletes, but students as well. We hope to see big things from both teams and wish them both luck in this new 2022 season.

Coming up, both teams play away versus Campbell High School on Friday, March 4th at 6:00 and 7:45pm. To follow along and get further information, follow both accounts on Instagram: @lanierwlax and @laniermlax