Game Day cheer makes school history!


Game Day at State 2022

Lanier’s newest sport is also one of our most successful: Game Day Cheerleading! According to Coach Burrell, “Game day cheer showcases what traditional cheerleading is all about: leading the crowd!”
In game day cheer, teams are evaluated on how they are able to properly perform and lead the crowd. Game day cheerleaders usually perform a band dance, a cheer, and the school fight song. During these cheers, they use signs and flags to encourage the crowd to participate. The signs show single words or phrases so that the crowd knows what to chant along with the cheerleaders.
Everyday for the past couple months, the team worked hard at each practice to make sure that they made it to state. The main things they have worked on are their timing, synchronization, and gaining harder skills. In order for the team to reach their goals, they need to be able to work together, stay positive, be dedicated, and have drive.
When the team felt exhausted and without energy, they found things that kept them motivated. When asked what keeps the team motivated, Coach Burrell said, “The idea of being State Champions helps to keep them motivated.” Along with that, some teammates said things like the strong team bond, the environment, and simply the fun that they have with the team kept them motivated.
Game day cheer didn’t underestimate any of the 16 competitors in their division, especially Lee County because they have won state the last two years in a row. When they see all teams as their equal competitors, it encourages them to work harder and keep their minds focused. That way, as they continue to push themselves, they grow more confident in themselves and about the routines they made.
This year at state, our Game Day Cheer team won second place right behind Lee County! This is one step closer than last year’s accomplishment of third place. If you see a member or Coach of the team, don’t forget to congratulate the team for their hard work and their performance at state! Way to go ladies!