should Lanier make a dance team?


Jose quintanilla

Lanier dancing

Lanier High School has a very wide variety of sports including football, baseball, softball, color guard, esports, and more. However, unlike many other GCPS high schools, Lanier does not have a dance team. Other high schools in GCPS such as North Gwinnett, Mill Creek, Mountain View, and more include dance classes in their course selection and a dance team after school. Yet Lanier does not, so I decided to find out why.

For me personally, I dance competitively and a lot of girls on my team are a part of the dance teams at their school. I’ve heard them talk about how much they love dancing in school with other students who enjoy the same interests. I’ve always wished that Lanier had the same thing for students who dance outside of school (or even if they don’t) to have a class where they can expand their practice, learn new skills, and meet new people with the same love for dance.

I spoke with a close friend of mine, junior Reece Helmes, who is involved with her school’s dance team (Mill Creek Dance Team). I also talked with another friend, Olivia Sereno, who is involved with the North Gwinnett Dance Team.

Why do you like being a part of your school’s dance team?
Reece: “I like being on a school dance team because it improved my dancing by introducing me to different styles. I also love it because my team and the MCDT community become one big family.”

Olivia: “I enjoy doing dance at school because I get to interact with people with different types of experience. Another reason why I do it is because it is a way for me to just relax and do what I enjoy doing along with giving extra practice in something that is my passion.”

As you can see, people love having the option to participate in their school’s dance teams and classes. It’s a good way for them to make friends while expanding their skills. Lanier should have this opportunity for students too! I spoke with a few Lanier students to get their views on the topic.

Do you think that Lanier should have a dance team? Why?
Vanessa Wiktorowicz: “I would love it if Lanier had a dance team! Especially since other Gwinnett County high schools have dance teams…it would be fun if we had one too. I also think that dance could help beginner students with…coordination, balance, and exercise… A dance class would also be fun for students who dance outside of school…too.”

Maecy Shook: “I think Lanier should have a dance program. I believe this because there are three dance studios around this area: 5678 Dance, my home studio, All-Stars, and Limitless… This is important because the kids who dance there…and go to Lanier have to choose an elective like art or theater instead of what they want to do! If Lanier had a dance program, it would open up a whole new window for teens who still don’t know what they want to do, or the ones who know they want to dance going forward. It’s not fair that… football players have football, baseball players have baseball, cheerleaders have cheerleading, and dancers don’t have anything. Instead, we have to take the theater route… which may not appeal to all. (Having a dance) class would also bring another physical activity to the table. We would then also no longer be one of the only Gwinnett County high schools without a dance program. (Lanier) has the proper stage, sound system, lighting, dressing rooms, and props all ready to go. LHS has hosted 5678 Dance for many performances. (We also have) a whole nother floor… that could provide for a dance room/studio space for a dance class here. The class could even be held on stage and use portable barres backstage. The dance class performances could bring in extra money for the school and also tie in some dance majors/colleges to Lanier High School. In my understanding, the funds would be well produced by the performance tickets…Students would have to provide their own shoes because everyone has a different preference and size, not to mention the expense, and shoes all die at a different time.”

Abigail Marley: “We need a dance team because it’s another sport that can be used to compete as a school, and there’s a lot of dancers here that want a dance team…(so) we should get one for their sake too…”

And finally, for me, I would love it if Lanier would invest in a dance team. It would be so much fun to dance with other students who also love to dance, while expanding practice and skill. If Lanier has so many sports opportunities for other students, a dance class/team should be among them.

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