5 olympians disqualified for uniform violations

On Friday, February 12th, 2022, anger, and tears ensued after a total of five female Olympians were disqualified because of a clothing flaw. Olympic officials say that the uniforms that were used for the ski jumping event were “Too big and offered an aerodynamic advantage.” The bigger suits create more wind resistance allowing them to stay in the air a bit longer than usual. Opeth, a ski jumper on team Norway, stated that she had worn the same exact suit in a mixed competition, an event where men and women compete against each other in the same event rather than splitting, two days prior, and she was not disqualified for that event.
In an Instagram post, Althaus, one of the German competitors who was disqualified, wrote in German “I have no words for the decisions that were made today. Our sport was damaged as a result. Athletes and their dreams were destroyed. … It was one of the most important competitions for us women, a premiere for the entire sport and then something like that!! I am so disappointed and angry. We really gave everything to be here and all showed our best jumps. I’m devastated and can’t understand it.” The disqualified skiers of this event were Sara Takanashi of Japan, Daniela Iraschko-Stolz of Austria, Katharina Althaus of Germany, Anna Odine Stroem, and Silje Opseth of Norway, all of these athletes have practiced for four to eight years for about 25 hours nearly every week. The Olympians were very outraged at this, the Olympic athletes could have won a medal or even won gold. However, it was cut short due to possible cheating and a simple mistake in their clothing.
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