The most popular after-school activities are…


Jose Quintanilla

After school events and activities

7:10-2:45 we all do the same thing, but what do people do outside of that time? I conducted a few interviews with students and faculty to get the answer to that question and here is what I found:

Q: What are some of your favorite places to visit?

– Freshmen and sophomores said their favorite locations to visit include The Bowl, The Mall of Georgia , Sugar Hill City Hall, and, when it’s in season, the skating rink.
– The group of sophomores also said that Target is a good place to go and that, while weird, it’s fun to browse and try on clothes with your friends.
– A group of juniors stated that Marshalls and Target are fantastic places to visit, and while it may seem strange, shopping and trying on things with your friends while preparing to renovate your room is the best!
– A group of seniors said the Georgia Aquarium and Robinson Park, as well as the North Georgia Shopping Outlet are great places to go in your free time.
– Mr. Grant stated that his favorite spot to visit is Lake Lanier.

Q: Where do you propose individuals go in their spare time if they don’t have a place to go?

– The Mall of Georgia and Sugarloaf Mall are good places to visit according to the group of freshmen.
– Also Target, according to the sophomore group of students I interviewed, is a terrific place to shop and hang out with your friends.
– The group of juniors said Stars and Strikes the bowling place is a great place to have fun while playing games, and Target are fun spots to visit if you want to renovate your room or simply play dress-up with your pals. Also visiting picnic tables near Lake Lanier are recommended by juniors as well.
– A group of seniors recommends people to visit the local skating rink and the movie tavern in Suwanee.
Grant would encourage folks to visit Lake Lanier if they have never been.