Chickfila vs. Zaxbys

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Chick-fil-a and Zaxby’s are both highly popular fast-food restaurants within the United States. They both sell very similar meals, although one is better than the other. I will compare them based on prices, taste, and looks. I got a chicken sandwich with a side of hot sauce, ranch, and fries from Chick-fil-a and a Kickin’ Chicken sandwich meal from Zaxby’s.
For looks, the Chick-fil-a sandwich was very bulky and full of chicken. Also, the bun was toasted and the fries were hot. The Zaxby’s sandwich looked amazing with the perfect amount of chicken and sauces. The fries were warm and seasoned. This round goes to Zaxby’s for the Texas toast as the bun and the perfect chicken and sauce combo.
Regarding the prices, at Chick-fil-a, the chicken sandwich is $3.05, the small waffle fries are $1.55, and the sauces are free. At Zaxby’s the Kickin’ Chicken sandwich meal (Chicken sandwich, fries, sauces, and drink) is $5.99. For everything that Chick-fil-a comes with compared to the Zaxby’s meal, it has the most reasonable price.
Taste-wise, when you first taste the Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich it tastes sweet but you can still taste the chicken. The fries have no flavor so I dipped them in the hot sauce mixed with ranch, it tasted much better. When I tasted the Zaxby’s Kickin’ Chicken sandwich it had all the best flavors. The sauces, chicken, and Texas toast were all amazing. I also tasted the fries alone first and they had a special seasoning that tasted amazing. I then dipped them in the sauces from the sandwich and it was the best thing ever. I tasted the spices, while also tasting the flavors. I would eat this every day if I could!! I definitely give this round to Zaxby’s.
I asked a few students what they think is the best restaurant and I got many different answers, such as one from Zach Iosenthal who says, “I prefer Zaxby’s because I like their crispy chicken sandwich since it is better and higher quality. Also, their sauces are really good.”
Contrary to what Zach said, another student said, “I prefer Chick-fil-a because I like the Chick-fil-a sauces and their sandwiches are just better.”
Although some might disagree, in my opinion, Zaxby’s is the obvious winner of this comparison, therefore, if you’re ever deciding whether you want to go to Chick-fil-a or Zaxby’s, choose Zaxby’s!!