LHS students partner with Macy’s!


Gwinnett Daily Post


Macy’s Embrace Program teaches students how to work effectively in industries such as business, entrepreneurship, technology, and marketing, as well as college and career readiness. Lanier has been given $10,000 as a result of this program, which is quite remarkable for our school.
It all began in the spring of 2021 when Macy’s gave over $10,000 to assist the kick off of our endeavor. Customers who shop at Macy’s on a regular basis were having issues with the app, so some Lanier students met with representatives from Macy’s through Zoom to resolve the issue. They developed two options after weeks of hard work and presented both of them in October. Macy’s originally planned on only accepting one option, but both groups did such an amazing job, Macy’s accepted both proposals and awarded additional grants. According to Dr. Martin, the principal of Lanier, “The additional grant is very exciting because it means Macy’s saw the value and return on the investment they made in our students.” We can tell how pleased the school is with this achievement.
I interviewed Ms. Carr, one of the people in charge of the program, and asked her the following questions:
How would you describe the Macy’s Embrace Program?
“I would describe Macy’s Embrace program as an opportunity for students who are interested in business, technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, cybersecurity, etc to get real-world experience from professionals in the field.”
What is this for exactly, and will it happen next year?
“Yes, the Macy’s Embrace program will continue next year. We are currently gathering teacher recommendations, we will then sort through those and offer interviews to those who are interested.”
I then interviewed Savannah Ritter, a Junior at Lanier who’s been involved in this, and asked her the following questions:
How do you feel about being a part of the program?
“..It was a great first-generation thing that we did this year. [It] opened me up to new marketing resources and a different way of thinking at the digital way and how we view apps.”
What were your favorite parts about it?
“My favorite parts were working with a group and meeting with a group…We got 4 periods off…so we just stayed in room 400. We [also] got to present to the Macy’s people and they were really proud of us and they ended up taking both of our project ideas which was really cool. ”
Are you/will you be getting involved next year?
“I will be taking part in it next year. As a Junior, and this is our first year doing it, next year as a Senior I’ll be an ambassador for it. There will also be a board [with] a president, vice president, and I’m hoping to be in some type of role like that next year.”
Overall, you can see what we’ve accomplished with the program and how we will undoubtedly continue to work on it in the coming year. We’re hoping for some new students to participate, so stay tuned!

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