Get ready to roar: scientists are bringing back dinosaurs


Dinosaurs went extinct about 65,000,000 years ago, at least that’s what we thought until recently. While tons of people believe that some dinosaurs survived and evolved to become reptiles, we would’ve never thought that scientists would try to reverse evolution. Scientists are attempting to modify chicken DNA to bring out dinosaur traits that are buried deep in their genes, and are said to be attempting to have dinosaurs back by 2050.
Scientists have already conducted a few experiments to try and bring back dinosaur traits in chickens. For example, in 2015 a research team and a biologist duplicated hereditary development to transform a chicken’s beak into a snout similar to small dinosaurs. Then, in 2016, researchers in Chile conducted a study on chickens and manipulated the genes. This caused them to develop fibulas in their lower legs that go down all the way to the ankles. It is said to be a trait that was lost in evolution, last seen in ancient dinosaurs such as the Archaeopteryx.
Although scientists surmise that it’s possible to bring dinosaurs back by 2050, some people think it’s close to impossible. They believe that dinosaur DNA is too old to be brought back. Some scientists have tried to extract blood out of a mosquito that had dinosaur DNA in it, but the mosquito DNA would be mixed in with the blood sample, therefore, it cannot be possible. They do believe that they can bring back creatures that are dinosaur-like but not actual dinosaurs.
I interviewed a few students on their thoughts on this topic and most of them had the same idea. For example, Zach Rosenthai says, “I think it’d be interesting, but I don’t know if it would work. If they were just in zoos it would be cool.” Kemet Crawford said, “I think it would be pretty cool, but they would have to contain them so it wouldn’t get out of hand and kill us all.” Although these studies are controversial, it is very interesting to think that there is a possibility that we could live on the same planet as dinosaurs in our lifetime.

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