McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Review

Wikimedia Commons

McDonald’s first introduced the fan-favorite “Shamrock Shake” in 1970. It has been released every March since. Many customers have mixed feelings about the St. Patrick’s Day inspired drink. Some claim the drink tastes like soap, while others argue that it is the best thing on the menu. I decided to try it this weekend, and here’s what I think:
Starting off with the appearance of the drink, the color is a minty/faded green, and it’s served with whipped cream on top. In all honesty, it looks a little boring; however it’s McDonald’s, not Starbucks, so my expectations can’t be too high. Personally, I think they could’ve done more with it. For example, some shamrock sprinkles would’ve been a great touch, especially considering it’s a Saint Patrick’s Day themed drink, and maybe even chocolate syrup to spice it up.
Moving on to how it tastes: As a big fan of mint-flavored desserts, I loved it. It has a strong vanilla flavor to it. My first thought was a vanilla-flavored shake with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, which happens to be my favorite flavor of ice cream. Due to it being heavy on the mint flavor, it tastes refreshing in comparison to other milkshake flavors that just make you thirstier. This being said, mint isn’t a flavor many particularly enjoy, so this shake wouldn’t be for everyone. It has a really balanced consistency; it’s not too thick, but it isn’t watered down either.
Additionally, I read some reviews online to gather some other opinions on the shake. A writer for “Fast Food Geek” wrote an article titled, “McDonald’s McCafe: Shamrock Shake [Review],” in which he wrote, “The vanilla based shake and the swirls of Hulk’s special sauce give the beverage a gnarly appearance. It really looks like the shake needs to be stirred up a little more, with the mint swirl taking to the ice cream like oil over water. Sipping in, I was in a minty wonder world. Overwhelmed with the classic flavor that had attracted throngs of people since the 80’s, I couldn’t help but be bombarded by a harsh after burn. After sipping into my girlfriend’s and noticing that hers was even worse, going down like battery acid, I began to question the syrup allotment we had received.” This is a great example of a bad review on the Shamrock Shake. I feel it either turns out really good and enjoyable or absolutely disgusting, and there is no in between.
All in all, I give the drink a 10/10 and recommend it to those who are fans of mint chocolate chip, however, if that’s not your cup of tea, then I’d stick with another flavor.

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