Why you should join LHS’ art club!


If you’re not currently enrolled in an art class, but still need a creative outlet, art club is the place for you! They meet once a month and are continuously doing fun, interactive projects to better themselves and the community. Art club is a chance for people to come together and do what they love.
Mrs. Cole (the main sponsor for Art club) was pleased to say, “Art club is for artists and people who are interested in all things creative, we’ll do extra little projects, right now we’re making books. One time a student did henna on our hands, another time we learned how to crochet/ knit and quilling… It’s a good time for people who love art to be together.”
Molly Simms (president of Art club) said, “We do fun projects together, to make friends and we set up fun art things around the school. We did the homecoming float and won the best looking float and are currently making journals.”
Art club members also participate in a sidewalk competition every year at the school, at a chance to win a $100 visa gift card! Another thing they do is paint mini canvases, along with rocks and set them up throughout downtown Sugar Hill, as a way to spread bright, positive, creativity in the city of Sugar Hill. If all these wonderful projects interest you be sure to join their remind @lhsart2122 or talk to Mrs. Cole (room 621).