Your new class president is… (StuCo election results are in!)


Annabelle Reasons

The Student Council Instagram Page.

Student Council is a group of elected or volunteer students working together to represent the student body of an educational institution. The council here at Lanier has a great degree of responsibility, and it is a contributing factor to the reputation of our school. Their work can be seen at homecoming, community events, and football games. There are two main sectors of StuCo: the general board and the executive board. The executive board includes elected positions: executive president, executive vice president, executive secretary, executive herd leader, and executive media director. This group of students display great leadership and are crucial to the success and function of StuCo. With the end of the school year approaching fast, it was time to start making arrangements for the 2022-23 executive board. In order to be considered for an exec board position, one must go through a three-week process. The first step is a detailed application where you answer questions about yourself and provide teacher references. Once the application closes, the StuCo sponsor reviews all of the responses and decides whether or not candidates are eligible. After the list of eligible candidates is released, the students are given a week-long campaigning opportunity. Technically, students are able to campaign for two weeks, but the second week marks the opening of the voting poll. This past week, March 21st through the 24th, the voting polls opened and the fight for victory began.

The executive president oversees the entire council, no matter their grade or leadership position. They are in charge of planning and executing meetings along with assigning roles during major events. The rising senior, Gibson Rietig, more commonly known as Gibby, won the position for the 2022-23 school year.

The executive vice president works directly under the president. They are responsible for managing and scheduling community service opportunities for the executive board and the rest of the Student Council. Also a rising senior, Katelyn Mottlau, who is the current vice president, won the election again. As VP, she said she wants to continue what she has started this school year by, “Doing more service projects, more fun events, and having an even more successful Food Fight.”

The executive secretary works closely with all of the Student Council through means of communication and mass organization. They do a lot of behind the scenes work by monitoring meetings to document main ideas and maintaining positive relationships with professionals around the building. I, Cigi Stroud, a rising junior, campaigned for this role and successfully landed the position. I am extremely excited to showcase my leadership skills and ensure that the hard work people don’t see successfully creates things that people do see.

The executive Herd leader is in charge of the school spirit here at Lanier. They are in charge of planning the themes for sporting events, conducting tailgates, and conveying important messages to “The Herd.” Out of the rest of the positions, the Herd leader probably has the most influence. The rising senior, Andrew Graham, will be following in his brother’s footsteps- who is the current Herd leader- by taking on this position next school year.

The executive media director is another influential figure at Lanier High School. They are responsible for maintaining Student Council’s online profiles through means of different social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Also a rising senior, Annabelle Reasons, won the race for this position and will be serving as Lanier’s executive media director. When asked what she wanted out of the upcoming StuCo calendar year, she said, “I hope to reach our whole school through the various social media accounts and promote each event that we organize.”

The Student Council will begin transitioning from their current executive board to the recently elected members when we return from Spring Break. We are so excited to see what StuCo has up their sleeve for next school year, and we wish the new sponsors and executive members the best of luck!