Track season kicks off


Track season is finally here, and it’s time to rumble and get started. I asked Coach Bernstein how she felt about the new track team for the new season and she said, “This track team is good at the moment; we have a lot of new talent that can be built up over the years to improve their ability to perform well.” I also asked the coach if there are a lot of new freshman running track this year and this is what she said. “There’s a lot of new freshmen; there’s about 40 freshmen alone on the track team, that’s a lot of kids, which is a lot of talent.”
I also talked to my friend, O’Reilly, who is on the track team this season; she said, “The track team is good this year; there’s a lot more distance runners though than sprinters, kinda like all the class of 25’, about 40 students. That’s a lot of kids alone for long distance. But I do think that we have an advantage because we have a lot more distance than we did last year. So hopefully this year is better.” I’ve also been told by my old track teammates that we have a 4×200 being added to the field program, which is basically four people running a 200. Track and field is an amazing sport and you should consider going to cheer them on. Our first meet was the Mountain View All Comers Flat on February 10th, but our next one is on March 18th at North Gwinnett.