The Ghost of Kyiv


On February 24, 2022, Russia and Ukraine’s tensions finally boiled over after years of turmoil when Russia announced a “special military operation”. Later on in the day (5:00 PM ET), Russia officially declared war on Ukraine. Russia quickly started to show they were more powerful by blowing airports to just piles of debris and carnage along with many other Ukrainian landmarks. But, on the same day as the war started; one of Ukraine’s only hopes revealed itself in the form of a fighter pilot. Newly known as “The Ghost of Kyiv”, the pilot became the first Ace: military aviator credited with taking down 5 or more enemy pilots while in aerial/air combat, in the past 20 years! The following day on February 25, 2022, the story of the Ukrainian hero went viral on TikTok. After around two weeks of buzz around the fighter pilot, his popularity died off. But, a week ago, Ukraine’s military threatened Russia when they stated in a post, “Hello, Russian Villain, I’m coming for your soul!’-The Ghost of Kyiv.” Since then, Ukraine has backed Russia into a stalemate and they are no longer being destroyed at will.
I asked Wyatt Andrews, a student at Lanier High School and military extraordinaire, what he thinks about the Ghost of Kyiv, “I think it’s amazing how in crisis, one Ukrainian pilot stepped up to protect his country and in a single day, became the first Ace in years.”
But just like every amazing story, there are skeptics. I questioned Ben Van Buren, a skeptic that goes to Lanier High School about what he thinks, “I think it’s impressive that he shot down 6 Russian military planes if that is even true, that is not something you hear normally, but that is all I think of it because it could be a hoax, you never know, no one saw it…” Like Ben said, you never know but, if it is true, the pilot will go down in history for being a focal point in the fight against a global bully.
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