Reduce, reuse, and join the environmental club!

Here at Lanier, we have an Environmental club that is sponsored by Mrs. Lanio, and is open to all students. Environmental club is an opportunity for students who are passionate about the environment to raise awareness for environmental issues. The club achieves this through service projects and activities. Their ultimate goal is to educate and collaborate with other schools and organizations to reduce, reuse, recycle and salvage our environment.
Environmental club meets on announced days in room 805 at 6:45AM. Some activities that the club does include school recycling, garden planting, and stream clean-up. Additionally, if you clock in 40 hours with environmental club, you can get a chord from the club as a senior!
We were able to reach out to the environmental club and gather and summarize interviews with some members.
What is environmental club?
The Environmental Club is an opportunity. It enables us to easily partake in both peer interactions and involvement within our community. It is a place where we can work together towards common goals while also keeping our school clean and beautiful.
What has the club done in the past?
Throughout the year we organize projects to give back to the community. These projects not only show our appreciation for LHS staff but also local community organizations like the WES foundation, fire/police/EMT, GCO, and so many more. We get to do all of this while having fun with our friends and gaining community service hours!
As you can see, if you love nature and are interested in making our community and our world a better place, environmental club is a great opportunity! Through environmental club you can make new friends, get community service hours in, and have a hand in taking care of our environment. If you are interested in joining, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Lanio in room 805.