Why you should join AASA


Lanier is home to many clubs from Art Club to Tri-M (Music Honors Society). Because of this, many students are overwhelmed by the number of available clubs and may not be aware of what each club is about. Today, we’ll be taking a deeper look into the Asian American Student Association, or AASA for short.
Faith Mani, a senior, is the current president of AASA for the 2021-22 school year. Mani explained, “AASA is a club for honestly any student, but predominantly for students that… come from Asian backgrounds…and our goal this year was to be more inclusive, so not just East Asia but also South and Southeast and Southwest Asia. It’s just a place where people should feel comfortable to embrace their identity and their culture and share their culture with others as well.”
Now that we know what AASA is, what does a typical AASA meeting look like?
According to Mani, “In a lot of our meetings…the Exec board will study traditions and things like that and will try to implement them into our meetings, so we can teach people about them. [For instance,] one time we were teaching people origami, [and] we were celebrating Chinese New Year, so even if it’s not your culture, we’re just teaching about different Asian cultures and things like that. One time, we had a potluck, where people brought food from a variety of different cultures, so people got to try it. It’s just exposing people to different Asian cultures and learning and being accepting.”
AASA meets one Tuesday a month in Room 400 from 2:20-3:20 after school. If you are interested in joining AASA for the upcoming school year, you can talk to Mr. Johansen, the club sponsor! Also feel free to follow them on Instagram at @lanier.aasa.